Saturday, 31 October 2009


17 Oct 09
Mike, Clare & Amelie Scott
Jeremy, Amanda, Nathan, Isaac & Lucy the dog Tizard
We love this place!
3600 of sunshine & blue skies & amazing views, who would want to be anywhere lese. Looking forward to the Jennings @ Torver.
Clare, Mike & Amelie – we have never been jup here & it is STUNNING! A little bit of heaven on earth. Xx

17 Oct 2009
Tess & Keith
Best day of the year!

Bogtrotters weren’t here again!

Rain cleared for us hurray! Well woth the walk.
The Heppies

Marelke (4 years old)
Jakob (6 years old)
& Christina & Tobias

Liz & Richard Nottingham
V. windy. Cloudy but sunny breaks. Sea glinting in the sun. Superb views. What a place to cool off!

Mathew family 25/10/09
Very windy day but still lovely. Dog biscuit in box for hungry dogs.

Misty on top.
Having lunch
Friendly people en route from Torver Common via Beacon tarn
John, Mary, Tim, Dave

Misty all round.
No view of Coniston Fells.
Windy on top of fell, but mild temp.
From Two Askamites

Wet underfoot but beautiful dry autumn day. Perfect views of the lake and boats.
A very tranquil walk indeed!
Nick Weatherley
Sophie & Grandpa PO and Sunny

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


4th October
Emma, Richard, Bethan & Madeline
Farnborough, Hants
V. windy but clear!
Found the box at last! Well done Beth!
Off down the path for some well deserved rest!

5th October
Beautiful warm & sunny
Very still. Clear views over to the “Old Man” & Dow Crag.
Roger – Barrow

9th October
Breezy, cloudy & great!!

9th October 2009
Fantastic & windy!
Catherine 
It is tiring
It has an amazing view.
It was really tiring
It’s fun
It’s very windy
Jessie 
I am happy
It was tiring and fun!
I’m Stewart I rule 

Wonderful to be on here on a dry day. I visited here in 1967 and 2004 and I could not see the scenery through the rain. Today it is great to be here with family & to meet Anna’s family & enjoy the views of mountains, lake and sea from the hill tops.

Bright, clear, still, glorious!

13/10/09 – 10.15am
Bit cloudy, misty, sun just breaking out
Walked p through “Nutty Sheep Fold”?, going back via Beacon Tarn so Molly (13 mth Labrador) can have a swim!
Simon Walney Island