Monday, 29 June 2009


Midsummers Day 21.06.09
Sorry the last logbook has gone but this one reminds me of writing in it on New Years day.
Fabulous today – clear views but just starting to spot with rain.
Thanks for the tin.
Lynne Dave Mollie & Louis

Midsummers Day
It was exciting to meet the Goblin here on his special day of the year. We mae our three wishes that he granted us and are waiting to see what will happen.
Dave & dogs

Coming from Germany I had a nice walk up here with HF
Marta and the others

Verwood Ramblers 21/6/09

Perfect views a magic day!! A full contingent of heaton offspring, Smiths, Snowdons, ? & a Hooligan, happy days.
Ben & Co

Glorios day, wonderful views.
Sheer bliss.
Peter & Maddy 23/6/09 10.55am

A perfect day. We have walked this fell for 27 years and every time is special.
L&I 23/6/09 noon

Love what you’ve done with the place!
The Egan family Suffolk

Nice day, nice view, nuf said
TL 24/6/09

A beautiful morning and a great walk – for all this!
This will become a wonderful memory when I’m back home!
M van der Klooster, The Netherlands

It was wonderful, and a nice idea of that Beacon Fell Treasure Chest!
W M van der Klooster

On the Outer (Outlyers) Wainwrights on a continuous walk to link them all up. Last year the 214’s in sog. This year superb blue skies – will it last?
Paul & Gill Mackrill

A Beautiful clear day, for a change!
The Sewell family, Bucks

24/6/09 noon
Pete from Blackpool doing AW’s Outlying Fells. Gorgeous day, gorgeous view! Off for a dip in the tarn!!  Enjoy!

Amazing place! I’ve just been proposed to for the 2nd time by my husband – can’t believe he is so wonderful. My best friends in the world are with us – we’re drinking champagne!
Karen, Kevin Jarvis
Lynne, Andy Harmer
Linton, Cambridge

Bright & sunne, a wonderful place
Jen & Paul

Balanced very precariously
V windy but great!
Sally & Chris, Kinlet, Shropshire

Humid & overcast – but still a beautiful view & enjoyable walk in a quiet area.
Sue & Roger – York. John – Carlisle

Enjoying our short walk from Blawith via Kiln Bank. Very pleasant. Warm, very humid, slight breeze. This is the last day of our holiday, walking in the lakes – fantastic week!
Andrew & Catherine Philipson & Nellie the collie!

We are all roasting!
We went for a paddle in ‘trout tarn’. We found 3 leeches, Fred, Geraldine and Fred the 2nd! Now we have to walk all the way down again, I think we might all melt!
Liz, Fraser, Colin, Kirsten, Matilde
Neale, Helen, Jemmy, Suzie & Digger

29/6/09 12-05pm
Graham, Annich & Buster (our 2 yr old Golden Retreiver).
Very ‘hot’. Annich happy, down hill from now on. Fantastic views of God’s creation. Who needs to go abroad when we have all this.
Rochester, Kent

Monday, 15 June 2009


14th June 2009
Pat’s 70th birthday
Steph, Mark & Paul
Placed a rock for Pat who did not make it up the hill. X

Thurs 11th June
Dark clouds to the North but we’re looking S. & E. at the sun on the sea, sheltered from the wind. Lovely lakes day!
Jim & Angela

Love the tin – first time ever have seen ? (partner) put something in!
If you’re up here with Neave – don’t forget to carry her back down.

Saturday 13th June 09
The view is worth the climb.
A sunny day enhances the view.
Jen & Ruth Read Perth W Australia
The majestic views are exhilarating and majestic or rather awesome.
Lyn and Geoff Sach Perth W Australia
Welcomed by Painted Lady
Peter Wardle, Lake Bank

14th June Sunday 12.30
Kate, Ali, Jen & Lin, Beulah, Keeper & Fin
Hooray – made it to the top – lovely hot sunshine & good breeze. Boats look lovely on the lake & so do all the fells. Beacon Tarn will be good for the dogs and all their mud.

14th June ‘09
On top of the world!
Ben (5) & Anna (3) with Mummy, Daddy, Pa Pa and Gran, and Auntie Luci – with 3 doggies!

So nice to be retired.
Walter Wall

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


2nd June 09
Wow – I haven’t walked in ages! It’s taking its toll but more than worth it when you get to the top.
I didn’t even know the tin & logbook existed until my trusty guide (who thankfully dragged me up here) told me about it. Thank you to its creators not least of all because it means I can have a wee sit down.
Love Kat Ford

V. hot. Coniston looks inviting. Off for a swim.

I’m the guide. Couldn’t believe my friends hadn’t been up here!!

Clare Rick Toby Mowgli (the dog!) Chris + EV
Great walk, views amazing & so is the weather. Chris had a good swim in the tarn!

3/6/09 11.15am
Brian Hartlebury
Sun just beginning to shine through but a little breezy. is superb. Keep it up.

Obdivujeme krasy Lake District!
Clenove KCAR (TARS) z Ceske republiky
Ivan ? Moelie
Lea Pickova

5/6/09 2.30pm
Breezy & drizzly today after some superb sunny days.
Michael & Dexter again
Enjoy the Twixes!

Sun 7th June 09
Dave & Shelly
Very windy but still a lovely walk. Keep up the good work.

7th June 09
Gaz & Wanny
First time fell walking for big Wanny – where’s the oxygen tank & mask ha ha! Wot a view.

7 June 2009
Doing part of the Wainwright “Outlying Fells” walk – still sunny.
Lindsay & David from Surrey

Broken cloud, light wind, mild, perfect.
We all loved the walk & our dogs the swim. The reward is always at the top, the fantastic view, but something extra today, a treasure chest, made fascinating reading while having our picnic. Thank you.#Jenny & Mick – North Devon
& Ben & Molly (our cocker spaniels) who are very muddy & happy

EVE Monday 9th June
Light cloud but clear.