Monday, 13 December 2010

October 2010

Lovely view of the district up here.
Laura Foster age 11

Connor, Sam, Dale, Tom & Rob: No guts, no glory
– Leeds Met 2010 Sport, Leisure & Culture Residential 7 Oct 2010
Take a break enjoy the Kit Kat

What a fab view!
Could you leave cod and chips next time?
Had a skinny dip in the tarn in bright sunshine. Pheewee! Brrr...
Meg, Bryn, Marion,Colin, Jenny from Suffolk and Lake End

Bit cool for a dip but lovely to walk up here via the tarn
Mick & Ruth

Team Shotgun ‘firing with both barrels’
Georgia Thornley
Rob Slater
Chris Dawber
Sophie Bell
Dean Calvert
Sport, Leisure & Culture Leeds Met ‘10

Brett Lashna’s Barmy Army
- possibly the worst day of my life

2 guys, 2 couples, 2 dogs and a baby!!
Great holiday weekend, with fantastic views...

Sean, Casper & Dougal
Beautiful day and a return to summer.
Could spend all afternoon up here.
Check out the photos on the website.
Might go for a swim now.
Best wishes,

Wonderful day, wonderful view. All 7 of us enjoyed it. Mimzie

Windy day – no dipping in the tarn today – off to Wasdale for next few days
Robert & Ken

18/10/10 (15.10 hrs)
Beautiful & windy.
We will not swim either. Best wishes to all Fell Lovers & thanks to
Pam & Tony
2010 poppy band left in tin.

Blowing a gale & very wet! Views fantastic. Now have to drive back to Bedford – shame.
Peter & Juliet

Hey Sean too cold for a swim but sun is out. Fantastic views for such a low fell.
Iris & Beverly

Birds of prey around; as we are plump we are going. B&I

Lovely walk fab views. Hoped we see Sean, Connie, Casper & Dougal. Better luck next time!
Laurie & Maurice

Dylan, Luke, Agnes, Baa, Papa
Nice day! Luke & Dylan’s 1st time on Beacon fell!
Really enjoyable, lovely weather
Gorgeous autumn colours
The folks from E.D.C.

Enjoyed the sweets. Box was an effort to open however.

27 Oct 10
I love the view from the top. I liked the muddy puddels of doom. I liked climeing this hill.
(Tyler age 9)

Not a bad view! Love it! Picnic at the top on a bit of a windy day. Most excellent!
Beckie, Suffolk age 28 

Ravens expedition to Watch Tower Rock. Have eaten trout from Trout Tarn. No pirates seen on Wild Cat Island. Off to Swallowdale now. Hope Cap’n Duck has left his cave well supplied with grog.
Ravens (3) forever!!
PS Kanchenjunga has been seized by P. Ching (?)

Found by prmid on the top of cairn. Not a geocache?
Very wet needs maintenance.

Well, they describe this walk as moderate. Hmmmm. We beg to differ. Well worth it though. Stunning views and most exciting to find this box. Back home to Nottingham tomorrow. What a great week we’ve had. Hello to all that read this.
Adrian, Claudia, Jack and Ruby

Wasn’t actually looking for a geocache but there it was peeping out!
The Herald

“The Kingdon of Heaven is like a man who found treasure buried in a field. When he found it, he went away, sold everything he had, and bought that field!”

Busy day! I saw no-one on these fells & enjoyed lovely solitude. VM

Here again. Bit soggy this time but still lovely.
Kirsty, Darren, Max & Storm

Holly, Stan, Sam, Annie (Coniston)