Monday, 31 August 2009


Sam Rogers (11)
Well as you no I am not that keen on walks and this one does not make me any keener. The weather is horrible.
Isabel Thomas
I liked this walk a lot. The weather is misty and rainy and it is horrible.
30 August 2009
Alice May Thomas
You see that I go on a lot of walks and this one is very short for me. But it is very nice. Beautiful.

31st of August
Very windy and cloudy weather. Also very muddy but great and worth it!
Isobel Bryson
Jonathan, Dawn and Jamie

31st Aug 21.00
Time to go!
Lovery (Mark)


Tue August 26th
Lovely evening
Fantastic views
Best of luck with your new dog Dougal. Enjoy the website (very useful)
S Wilson
Dalton and “Sooty” A Wright

The Konstandi’s were here
Does anyone know if this is the way to Amarillo!

We are smiling now we are at the top.
Carol, Hilary, Fiona, Darren, Finn & Flo
I am ?? age 6

Michael & Dexter (flat-coated retriever) here again.
I’ll leave a new book (10) as this is nearly full.
Check out the Beacon Fell blog (
(Anyone lost a pair of glasses?

28 August 09
We are camping at Beacon Tarn...
V. v. V. Windy. Going to Torver or Coniston for cake! I have a runny nose!!! >sniff<
Natalie x
Hannah x

Hannah, Steve & Ella are here again from Bath.
We love the walk to Beacon Tarn and all its soggy paths.
We hope you like the vista it’s pleasant and very fair.
But now it’s started raining.....

I’ve lost the will to care!!
Sarah, Ella 
Hope you like the sketch x
29/8/09 Neil
Up the Beacon again after a gap of several years.
Sunny but v. windy.

Sun 30-8-09
Alan and his HF Holidays party – rather misty but at least it’s dry(ish).
Alastair (age 2)

Sunday 30-8-09
M Moore
G Noore
Y Moore
Windy & raining, nice walk, no views

Waiting for Sarah completing her 3 Lakes challenge
Black Combe Runners

D of E Silver
Danny T, Danny H, Luke H, Nathan N, Adam R, Tom J, Mike O
Great view
Just walked from Grizedale Forest tired...
Sat 31st August

Sunday, 23 August 2009


Fantastic view well worth the effort
From Sheffield

Hi Sean
Still as good as ever this hill.
As said before if no-one can appreciate this – then I am afraid all is lost,
Bob Chubb
Walney Island
15 Aug 2009

Monday 17th Aug 2009
Beautiful spot – lovely walk round the calm tarn - & up here the views are wonderful.
Julia Tarry
Samuel tarry
Rev Gordon tarry
East London, Marking

I am so close to heaven
Vera Sheehan Essex age 70

Dave Hewitt Notts
be back soon

Paul & Janet Rosier
Newport Pagnell
It stopped raining as we reached here!
A wonderful view!!

5.35pm 18/8/09
Fifth time of visiting this beautiful place. Fantastic views even though it’s cloudy. So peaceful didn’t meet anyone on this walk!
Julie & Rob Antrobus 
Runcorn, Cheshire

Tatsfield Cobra Explorers
Gone wrong way!
Yo! I’m Sam!
I eat these hills for breakfast
Jimmy Blackman cannot read maps! 

Great weather, great views.
Elliot Atherton (41 from Bolton)

Simon & Anita Whitfield
Superb heather & views! Ideal for my next paintings in Ambleside gallery.

I was forced uo against my will but I had a cake at the top. Sorry I didn’t leave any.

Golden sunshine
Purple heather
Deep blue lake
Orange butterflies
Dark grey mountains
Bright white yachts
Cotton white clouds
Deep green forest

What a view this hill is great

Walker/Rafter families
Lydiate M’side
We made it up the hill!!
Fantastic views.
Sun does shine in the Lake District sometimes.


Lovely views. Heavy rain – will come again on a fine day.

Great views of a wonderful landscape
Tried swimming in the lake but a bit cold today
Find more hidden treasure at www,

Friday, 14 August 2009


Bethany, Danielle, Robert, Shaun and Yvette
5.30 fantastic views, well worth the climb! 2nd time!!!

Lovely clear day
Saw Blackpool Tower
What a view!
Lots of flying ants.
Mary & Cliff Stewardson
Meathop Grange-o-Sands

What a view! Third time here but only just found the tin.
Sandra & Bob
Rosie & Mollie
Newby Bridge & Staverton

13th of August
A wonderful day, great company and beautiful views!
Owen, Nadine & Helene from the west Coast of Canada
Visiting Aunt Irene & Uncle Dave

What a wonderful view!
I’ve come up with my grandma and granddad and brother
It’s a fantastic walk.
From Lucy 10 & Harvey 6

Swallows and Amazons
Age 7

Blimy, our only sunny day, and we get a great view. I wish I brought a better camera!!
Karen (age 14) is cool
I forgot my phone which is my camera
Great view
Philip age 11
Hartley Whitney, Hampshire

Olivia Clegg was hear on the 14th of August 2009
John Clegg from Rochdale

The views are wonderful worth the walk up here
Freya Treep (11)

Sunday, 9 August 2009


Windy but not wet!
Going for a swim now... brrrr!
Neil Ireland

Jan & Ed from Exeter
Beautiful, sunny, windy day

The Barton’s – Ulverston
Windy but not wet!!
Wonderful view – all directions
Off to bake a cake now
Do pop in if you are around!!

Chris Rust and his family
Today we made a great discovery.
One step further for man kind.
This is the Norfolk family.

Douglas (USA) & Janet (UK)
Joint trip!!!
Great Day
Good view & Dougal the dog loved it too!
X July 30th 09

31st July
Andy & Phil Timm
What a view!

Wooo thank goodness for that! But worth it!
Jack Bennett
1st August 2009

Here we sit over Wordsworth’s and Wainwright’s land and it’s like we’ve just discovered it for the first time! Our walk from Coniston was boggy but the rain stayed off us and we now have a magnificent view of the Old Man and Langdale and beyond. Heard about the tin but amazed to find it’s actually here. Added to the cairn (superstitious as ever) and now when the OS come round again it might be higher than the official route suggests. One peak down – six more this week to go.
G, S, P, S, S, R, M x
From Bristol August 09

Kat & Carl
Climbed this peak 1st August 2009!
What lovely views!

Enjoying the view
v. windy
Peter, Bev, Robert
Michele & Stephen

Boggies weren’t here!

2/8/09 Sunday
Lorrani, Mike, Jake, Alex & Mutly the dog. A beautiful lunch spot with the family. Life is all about great lunch spots & this is one.

After years of sailing on Coniston, it’s great to climb Beacon Fell and look down.
What a view! (Another Wainwright outlier bagged)
Tove & Graham

Enid & Mark 02/08/09
Enid nearly had a heart attack getting up here, but views make it all worthwhile (probably gonna have to carry her back down though eh)?!

Sue McLain, Tarpa, Chenma 3/8/09
8pm Misty view and very windy! Nearly killed me walking up here, but a wonderful view greets new visitors!
Enjoy x

McGinley family 4/8/09
John, Sarah and Abi
Plus Ruby & Daisy (Nottm)
Great views worth the visit x

Craig, Jamie, Alan & Janet
Loveky day today! It’s a scorcher, glad to find the treasure chest, it’s ded handy! Good luck to any future walkers who write in here!
From Bolton, UK

John, Marg & Robin
Fantastic clear view
Lovely sunny day!
What a view!!

Dogs loved the tarn, wished I’d brought my swimming costume! & a towel. Great walk as always.

Reuben (8 months); Rocky (aged 7); Avey, Darrell, Bill & Naela from Italy & Scotland, having a beautiful day

Chris & Mike Garry
Fantastic views, lovely day, weather great!

7th Aug ‘09
Been coming here for 28 years, still just as good.
Ken & Colette (Ulverston) & Tilly & Bess

7 Aug 09
Graham, Julie & Katie from Margate (didn’t like all the way). A great walk – love the tin.

Seventh August 2009
Katie E B, love the tin idea! Haven’t got anything to put in it so I am going to rip out a page and write “Hi” on it, (hope that’s OK)
Love Kt B xxx
I love horses!

1635 hrs 7th August 2009
Lovely sunny day with a few fluffy white clouds around. Visibility is good. Walked from Gawthwaite via Great Burney, Blawith Knbott and Wool Knott.
Terrific view
Nige from Standish, Wigan


2nd time I’ve been here – I like the previous message!
Nicholas Bond aged 10

Windy day. Here with husband, 2 mountain goats (I mean boys), and my mother-in-law. Hungry now.....
Ann Bond aged 39
A splendid place for lunch. Now!
Michael Bond (aged plenty)
I like the lovely view
Alex Bond aged 7

8th August 2009
Slavka from Serbia, David from Lincolnshire
Privilege to be here, so grateful for our wonderful planet.

8/8/9 Sat
Wow! Worth the climb. The view is fantastic, never brought the camera
will have to come back! Tin brilliant idea. This is surely heaven on earth.
Forget all your worries.
Col, Jackie & Rafa

A great place to stop on the Black Combe Runners Summer Challenge – Greyhound (Shap) to Greyhound (Grizebeck).
Now going for a dip in the tarn.
Penny, Amanda, Guy, Karl, Pete, Lucy (dog)

Su 9/8/09
Evan and Andrew Wilson
Clouds on Coniston fells but Black Combe range clear. Haven’t been up here sin ce 1982 when came with mum, dad & my sister. Now have brought my son who is really keen. Going to take some pictures.
Andrew & Evan aged 6