Friday, 14 August 2009


Bethany, Danielle, Robert, Shaun and Yvette
5.30 fantastic views, well worth the climb! 2nd time!!!

Lovely clear day
Saw Blackpool Tower
What a view!
Lots of flying ants.
Mary & Cliff Stewardson
Meathop Grange-o-Sands

What a view! Third time here but only just found the tin.
Sandra & Bob
Rosie & Mollie
Newby Bridge & Staverton

13th of August
A wonderful day, great company and beautiful views!
Owen, Nadine & Helene from the west Coast of Canada
Visiting Aunt Irene & Uncle Dave

What a wonderful view!
I’ve come up with my grandma and granddad and brother
It’s a fantastic walk.
From Lucy 10 & Harvey 6

Swallows and Amazons
Age 7

Blimy, our only sunny day, and we get a great view. I wish I brought a better camera!!
Karen (age 14) is cool
I forgot my phone which is my camera
Great view
Philip age 11
Hartley Whitney, Hampshire

Olivia Clegg was hear on the 14th of August 2009
John Clegg from Rochdale

The views are wonderful worth the walk up here
Freya Treep (11)

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