Sunday, 20 June 2010


10th June 2010-09-05 Often looked at this hill from Sunny Bank Fm. Climbed it today – blustery weather. Reasonable views.
Margaret & Keith
Malton, N. Yorks

We are team Coniston from Water Park. St Patrick’s School Rochdale.
Good views, windy weather, but we made it to the top all 12 of us.

Gorgeous evening for doggy walking bit breezy but the pooches don’t care.
Boyfriend came up here on 31st May and brought me up here to see the views tonight, stunning.
Kirsty, Daz, Max, Storm from UIverston
Macclesfield Rural U3A arrived here at 2.20pm on a beautiful sunny, warm day. Views extensive to sea & fells, skylarks singing – all for free. What more could we want.

Right after work I knew I need to see the hills again. Worth the walk, got to top about 7pm.
Beautiful Day

16/6/10 8.30pm
Thanks for the wine. Much needed. Off to the Rose n Crown now in Ulverston to watch band.
Lovely place.

18/6/10 11.30
Canadian, eh!
HF Coniston

20/6/10 7.30am
One of the best places in the lakes to be on one of the best days of the year. Beautiful.

20th June 2010
Gr8 views. Sorry folks only have a roll-up to leave. Hope you got a lighter!! My looney BF’s idea. Have a nice day
Sue (from Morecambe)
Gaz (from Toytown)
& Kipper the dog

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


2nd June 2010-09-05 The box is a fab idea. We were a bit nervous to open it at first but Robbie was the bravest at 11!! Mum thought it could explode!
Matt 13 desperate to eat everything but appeased him with a handful of nuts!
Have left some plasters in case like Clive (Dad) you’re trying out new boots!
We have had a fabulous walk, the sun is shining & we’re all in shirts & vests. The view over Coniston is stunning & the blue box will be what the boys remember!
The Nuttings from Telford

2/6/10 About 6.30pm
Lovely walk. The boy Arthur (6) got soaked playing in Beacon Tarn. We all painted some pictures down at the Tarn.
Mrs Bunce said “This is probably the most magnificent place I have been for views”. I agree.
½ pack of hob-nobs left.
Fab idea
Matt Phoebe Sarah Arthur

3rd June 2010
Another beautiful day, and not too breezy. I’ve come up here with my mum and auntie and have been revising History in my head for an exam next Tuesday. A good idea I think! And I have to say this diary is a rather brilliant idea!

3rd June 2010
The Thursday Pensioners made it to the top on a lkovely day – all 7 of us.

4th June 2010 – fantastic day – hot & sunny – walked up from Woodland via Beacon Tarn with Chris & Pete. Have left Pete relaxing by the tarn – here to celebrate the big ‘50’ & having a great day.
Kitty Lamb – York

Neil from Lake Bank here again for another sunset.
Remembering those who lost their lives here in Cumbria – a sad week.

Endured the walk up, after all, two of us are teenagers! Our younger sister got attacked by a massive three millimetre long bug and didn’t we all hear about it! Dad is sitting a few meters off looking at his map and pretending he’s not with us; he keeps walking off, but don’t worry we don’t let him escape... After all, he has the food!
Elisabeth, Kathryn and Alexandra

5/6/2010 @12.05
Left the car @ Blawith Church, & walked up via Beacon Tarn (complete with its own wild swimmer!?)
Maggie going mad for more treats & more nice smelly sheep muck to roll in.
Have left some raisins but just eaten lunch. Ian wanted the peanut bar but 4 months out of date!
Enjoy the views!
Pam, Laura, Ian & Maggie
(from Dalton-in-Furness Ancient Capital!!)

5/6/2010 (Sat) 1:10pm
Hello to Pam, Laura, Ian and Maggie from Dalton-in-Furness. Sorry to have just missed you all. Think I must have been your wild swimmer in Beacon Tarn – water water-lilies gorgeous! Swam for about 25 mins. A noisy ground (crowd?) came and set up home so it was a quick lunch and get dressed to find peace & quiet on Beacon Fell and this wonderful little log book. Views great if rather hazy. A cool breeze.
The Hawthorn trees are in full blossom and really standing out in the landscape. Perhaps we’ll all meet up at Beacon Tarn – or on the fells – keep happy, have fun, enjoy the views
Louise from Ambleside.
PS Cuckoos calling all around me. Thanks for sweets – much enjoyed!
1.35pm Denise and David
Glorious day, wonderful views, my favourite tarn. This is the life!
Unfortunately going back down now. – Bit different to last time we were here – March 09 – when we got lost in a snowstorm.

Deb & Steve from Dalton0in-Furness. Warm day, hardly a breeze. Higher fells in cloud. It’s wonderful up here, peaceful today with the cuckoo calling – we love it, last time we were here the Beacon was frozen solid!

Swimming in rain!