Monday, 13 December 2010

October 2010

Lovely view of the district up here.
Laura Foster age 11

Connor, Sam, Dale, Tom & Rob: No guts, no glory
– Leeds Met 2010 Sport, Leisure & Culture Residential 7 Oct 2010
Take a break enjoy the Kit Kat

What a fab view!
Could you leave cod and chips next time?
Had a skinny dip in the tarn in bright sunshine. Pheewee! Brrr...
Meg, Bryn, Marion,Colin, Jenny from Suffolk and Lake End

Bit cool for a dip but lovely to walk up here via the tarn
Mick & Ruth

Team Shotgun ‘firing with both barrels’
Georgia Thornley
Rob Slater
Chris Dawber
Sophie Bell
Dean Calvert
Sport, Leisure & Culture Leeds Met ‘10

Brett Lashna’s Barmy Army
- possibly the worst day of my life

2 guys, 2 couples, 2 dogs and a baby!!
Great holiday weekend, with fantastic views...

Sean, Casper & Dougal
Beautiful day and a return to summer.
Could spend all afternoon up here.
Check out the photos on the website.
Might go for a swim now.
Best wishes,

Wonderful day, wonderful view. All 7 of us enjoyed it. Mimzie

Windy day – no dipping in the tarn today – off to Wasdale for next few days
Robert & Ken

18/10/10 (15.10 hrs)
Beautiful & windy.
We will not swim either. Best wishes to all Fell Lovers & thanks to
Pam & Tony
2010 poppy band left in tin.

Blowing a gale & very wet! Views fantastic. Now have to drive back to Bedford – shame.
Peter & Juliet

Hey Sean too cold for a swim but sun is out. Fantastic views for such a low fell.
Iris & Beverly

Birds of prey around; as we are plump we are going. B&I

Lovely walk fab views. Hoped we see Sean, Connie, Casper & Dougal. Better luck next time!
Laurie & Maurice

Dylan, Luke, Agnes, Baa, Papa
Nice day! Luke & Dylan’s 1st time on Beacon fell!
Really enjoyable, lovely weather
Gorgeous autumn colours
The folks from E.D.C.

Enjoyed the sweets. Box was an effort to open however.

27 Oct 10
I love the view from the top. I liked the muddy puddels of doom. I liked climeing this hill.
(Tyler age 9)

Not a bad view! Love it! Picnic at the top on a bit of a windy day. Most excellent!
Beckie, Suffolk age 28 

Ravens expedition to Watch Tower Rock. Have eaten trout from Trout Tarn. No pirates seen on Wild Cat Island. Off to Swallowdale now. Hope Cap’n Duck has left his cave well supplied with grog.
Ravens (3) forever!!
PS Kanchenjunga has been seized by P. Ching (?)

Found by prmid on the top of cairn. Not a geocache?
Very wet needs maintenance.

Well, they describe this walk as moderate. Hmmmm. We beg to differ. Well worth it though. Stunning views and most exciting to find this box. Back home to Nottingham tomorrow. What a great week we’ve had. Hello to all that read this.
Adrian, Claudia, Jack and Ruby

Wasn’t actually looking for a geocache but there it was peeping out!
The Herald

“The Kingdon of Heaven is like a man who found treasure buried in a field. When he found it, he went away, sold everything he had, and bought that field!”

Busy day! I saw no-one on these fells & enjoyed lovely solitude. VM

Here again. Bit soggy this time but still lovely.
Kirsty, Darren, Max & Storm

Holly, Stan, Sam, Annie (Coniston)

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

November 2010

Wife away in London
Up to the fells I go
Peace & quiet, Kev

Nice to be back
Mike, Pia & Dexter

Some snow left on the fells after last week’s falls. Bright and breezy today & a lovely spot to rest on a run.
P.W.M, Suki & Cath

Victor Nicholson 10
Ella Philipson
14/11/10 Ulverston
Came here on Sunday
Snow on Old Man
Windy/cold but lovely view,
No GPS found it anyway!
J Philipson
Juliet & Tom & Ella, Tommy, Fiona & Toby & Leven
Jackie Ashlean

Thursday, 30 September 2010

April - Sep 2010 (Geocaches)

Great walk to this cache. Great views. Very quiet.
T4TC Bog Bears

M & M
Took steep route!
Very hot.
TN Left Blackpool gc marbles

Colly is lost.

DFG Leeds
Took coin left TB
Lovely day, lovely views.

Up here yesterday, returned today to try to sort out the confusion. Today found the ammo box within 10 feet of yesterday's tupperware. As the cache owner suggested that was an old summit log & box, dating Aug 08 to Jan 09 (book 8). Unfortunately during 2010 5 geocaches (inc myself) signed it thinking they had the real cache box. I will e-mail them when I get home with the bad news. I moved the contents into the ammo box. I shall post the logbook to the rightful owner when back in Leeds.

September 2010

Steve MG & Bingleyman2 (Terry) enjoyed a lovely hot afternoon up here.

Matt and Rach had a very warm afternoon! Shame the other book went. We wanted to see Rach’s parents’ comment from a week ago – apparently very rude!

Brilliant views. Love the treasure box - great idea – Billy & Linda (Sunderland)
Hope no-one needs the plasters, wipes, etc.

3/9/10 7.05am
Views stunning as ever, Beacon never fails to impress whatever the weather or time of day. 6th time up and still love it!
John C Rochdale

3/9/10 11.30am Still bright & sunny. Superb quiet spot
John P Sutton Coldfield

HF party 11.25am
Fantastic weather, stunning views. Can see our route back to Monk Coniston and routes taken by others on the Old Man!

Beautiful day, weather perfect. Glad to see we’ve got a new box. Just had our snack – tempted by the biscuits in box but resisted.
Tony & Pam, Sasha (dog), Lowick

3-9-2010 14-10
Rosalind & Bob Mitchell
We have seen sundew & butterwort!

3/9 Jerry & Boady going for another swim now.

3/9 M Craven

4/9/2010 11.25am
Jamet & Steve Cottrell from Radcliffe, Bury
Would not have seen this lovely view if the Great North Swim hadn’t been cancelled. What luck! Great place, will come again x

4/9/10 1.20pm
David & Nicky Wilson with Chetser & Oscar
Lovely day – special place for us. Thinking of Will as always xx
PS Hi Jona & co if you make it up here!!x

4/9/10 3.40pm
Amy & Tonwen
Love this idea, almost as good as thinking we may have come across a stash of money, but who needs it with views like this.
The heather almost brings a tear to my eye – ode to Tabitta

I’m sat here with my dogs and my dogs alone.
No one else anywhere. Can just hear the cars in the distance and little spots of rain as they land on the tin box lid. Time for dinner.
Jon Paul

5.9.10 1pm
Laura & Gordon Angel from Barnard Castle
It’s Sunday – but who needs a church when this is here –
Hope someone may find a use for this elastic band
Super idea!!!
Thinking of our boys Graham and Malcolm

Helen, Steven and 2 girls Alex, 7 and Charlotte, 3 have climbed up at last. Enjoying the view. Can see the island on Coniston we rowed to on Friday. Back to Oldham tomorrow. Yuk!

Eddie, Richard and Thomas (3 generations, 65, 38 & 11!)
Lovely day, stunning views, one of our favourite places. Hope you enjoy the Kendal Mint Cake!
Not seen another soul all day, tranquil and beautiful!

Sean, Casper & Dougal from WWW.STRIDINGEDGE.NET
Cloudy at the mo’ – looks like it will clear eventually. – It did
Check out today’s walk on the website (Left a StridingEdge band – how long will it last?) – not long !

8/9/10 1215
Sunny, cloudy, excellent views from the summit. Lovely walk, fantastic weather & couldn’t have wished for a better morning walk.
Have left some Fisherman’s Friends in the box! Enjoy,
Neil & Jane, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Blow me down
& bless my socks!
A bright blue, magic

What fun!
Well done!

Best wishes from
Poet & Children’s Writer
Tony Mitton
See me at:

8.9.10 from Ulverston –
Lovely day for walking
Pat & Linda Bentley & 3 dogs, enjoyed the climb, loved the box, enjoyed the fisherman’;s friend.

Took the bus from Coniston to Water Yeat, now meandering back. Our first visit to this area. Wonderful views, interesting walkers.
R & J Stirrat, Cupar Fife

Lovely sunny day.
Came up for the geo-cache so this box was a bonus!
DFG Leeds

Steve & Molly (the dog)
Beautiful & peaceful. Many thanks to God for the wonder of creation.

11/9 Stable Harvey – Cumbrian Way to Beacon Tarn – ascend to Beacon Fell and down ridge. A lovely Wainwright “geriatric” walk. A truly lovely day with magnificent views in good weather.
Barrie Hinkman & Peter Forman Burgess Hill, Sussex

Great view but rain clouds scudding across the hills towards us. Good walk up past tarn from Brown Howe. Route somewhat changed from grandma’s 1987 guide. And no sign of Nancy & Peggy!!!!
Kim, Ro, Pete & Val Hunnam from Australia!!

12/9/10 Ruth, Peter Langrit
Wow what a view. Our first tarn – a little different to Somerset.

14/9/10 Kirsten of Ulverston
Started day with ?/tango & sunshine By eck!
It’s windy up here today but always a pleasure. Ooh burst of sunshine!

14/9/10 Sarah Adams & 9½ month old Jack from Dover.
Stunning walk – bad hair day now!

15 Sept 2010-11-17 Griffiths – Hunts from Australia – Great views, lovely walk, except for the trail bikes.

Taylor – Crawford (Carlisle) A surprise walk with great views

Sean Wannop Lancaster
Nice walk after work

Terry Anne Hayes Manchester
Great views lovely walk (great website) 18/9/10

18/9/10 3.25pm
Gill Garry McDermott
Lyn Mick Benton
& Yan – Blaze (dogs) West Midlands
Walked from Water Yeat. What a view, weather OK. Where’s the toilet?

Great Rodney Room
Spin Workout

In 19 years walking from Torver Common to Beacon Tarn and upwards we’ve never seen another soul at the top of Beacon Fell – so surprised to see the Blue Box. Isn’t it a wonderful place!
Judy – Edgware
Tony – North Shields

What a glorious view, superb picnic spot, enjoying the chocolate tiffin. The box is a great idea, enjoy the “KitKat”.
J & G & Coco

Thank you for the kitkat. We couldn’t replace it with anything unfortunately. Much appreciated. What a brill idea.
Lorrie, Manuela & Steve (Leeds, Yorkshire)

Glorious view today. Where else in the world would you want to be.
Keith & Frances

First summit in the lake district after breaking my femur snowboarding in Feb. Beautiful September day!

Hard work for a 7 year old!
Love Isobel x

Hope you like the chocolate bars we left. I would like to have eaten them myself!
25.9.10 Kay Dixon

Had a very nice day, nice views, nice place.

“Hello!” to whoever reads this. We have a beautiful sunny view today. Back to London tomorrow – ah well. Thank you Lake District.
Amy, Al, Ross

Cloudy ‘n draughty but stunning views as ever. Going back home to Hull now, but will be back soon.
Gillian & Maggs & Dozey Rosie the dog

28/9/10 Still cloudy with rain on way. First time two old gits from Hawkshead discovering Outlying Fells - tempus fugit.
Dr Chris Blackburn & Martin Tovey

30th Sept 2010
Leeds Met PG1
Residential week!
Fab views xxx

Sorry we ate the sweets xxx
PS The Kendal Mint Cake was nice xxx

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

August 2010

Replaced this book. Last one got wet!
Michael Elcock & Dexter (flat-coat)

Hello! It is the 26th 8th 2010. I have just swum in the Beacon Tarn. The water was lovely. Have left toothpick in box. Bye!
Jacob Bucktor (age 13)

Hello – this walk is great.
Fab views. Who needs to walk up the big ones when Beacon Fell is here.
Helen, Harry, Jonathan

Lovely views, lovely day. Great holiday
The Adams Family, Barrow

Roger and Keith, porters FGH on a day out.
Great views.

27/8 – 0730 best morning dog walk ever!
D Claxton

27/08/10 1.45pm
Wow, what a view!
Thanks Penny!
Joy, Julie + Preston!

Darren & William Butt 13:35 28 AUG 10
Out assessing DofE Silver & Gold groups. Blustery weather but still stunning!

Still kissing you!

Only 39 Wainwright outliers to go!

Alison & Colin } Tarpole
Julie & Rob } Runcorn
Lovely walk, picnic & fabulous view. What more could you want?

The Lake District never fails to amaze me with its fantastic views. Only regrets should have gone swimming.
- Sarah, and co (haha)

Fabulous day.
Geoff & Sue Ulverston

First time but not the last
Lindon & Judith
Beautiful day

30 August
At last summer has arrived in the Lakes!!
We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.
Mary, Pete, Laurie, Geoff, Jo, Josef & Ellie x

It just gets better every year.
Hunt family

What a lovely walk and such a view to die for!
The dog really appreciated the biscuit – thanks!
Pru, Dave & Charlie the dog from Beetham

30th Aug
Long hot walk, crystal clear views - wow factor at a full 360o even down to Blackpool Tower. Now back off to canoe on Coniston.
Foxon Family Five from Derby

Jerry the Waller and Boady the dog
Nice to see the book back again, going down for the 11th swim in the tarn this year and my 15th visit to the top of Beacon from Ulverston this year. Been up here well over 200 times over last 20 years.

Sunday, 22 August 2010


Steve & Helen Oliver
Alison Plant
Rosie the dog
Aka Hoosplorers & Rosieratbag
Pls look @!
Love the view x

Some of the most beautiful views in the Lake District.
Will always come back
Kay & Gary

Georgia Barton
Simon Robertson
Alison Stone
Steve Jackson

21st August
What a treasure box love the idea!
Had a sweet for me and gave me wee dog a biscuit.
The view well just amazing!
Caroline & Rosie (the dog) woof woof xx :)

22/8/10 Awesome box and book! I wish I had time to read it all! Bit windy. We emptied the box of some sticky things past their best. Sorry we didn’t leave anything. With my uncle, brother, sister and Mum – about to have lunch then for a paddle in the lake. Have a good time here!
Katherine 15 x#PS Used the perfume, needed it after the climb

Great view! A bit windy, wish I hadn’t worn shorts. Seen Blackpool Tower
Maria Age: 11 xxx

Andy & Carol Solihull

A Favourite spot for a Sunday afternoon. Used to be so quiet but now gets busy!
Get off the summit & move down to the lake side of the hill, out of the wind & spend a few hours reading a book. Perfectly peaceful.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Came up here with dogs & family. A bit windy but gorgeous view. Food is going off. Nothing to leave but a note. Arrgghh smelly dog on the loose. Wanted the poiund to buy tea (yum) but mum wouldn’t let me.
& Anne & Pete
Mac, Doug (dogs)

Annie, Kirsty, Holly & Dom on Kilimanjaro practice. HA HA!
Just beautiful!!
But very windy.
Loving the little treasure box!

16-8-10 06:13
Just bivvied out at Beacon Tarn. Lay back and watched the most superb ‘planetarium’ unfold as the last rays of the sun disappeared... Now, mist hangs in the valleys clinging to the lake like a blanket! I am in awe! ...back to the tarn for tea, bacon and eggs!
Phil, Lucy and Charlie Okeden

16-8-10 13.30
Camping at Birch Bank Farm, have walked up Little & Great Burney & just kept on Cumbria Way. “Shall we go up to the Beacon again?” “Yes.” 2nd time up here, a wonderful sight & so lovely to see the box & fill it in again.
Catherine & Stephen Atkinson
Thank you for leaving the little blue treasure box.

16/8/10 6pm
Missed the crowds! & enjoying the peace & quiet - apart from breeze & twittering wheatears – much the same view for last 60 yrs!
Yes – I’m now a ‘pensioner’! - & have been climbing Beacon Fell nearly all my life! Lovely as ever – the view!!
June – Spark Bridge

17/8/10 Polly Okeden
Woo! We made it to the top!! Just had a little but helpful climb and about to swim in the tarn!!
Rest in Peace Betty (spaniel) xxx
Final resting place for Betty, our faithful spaniel – cast on the winds – gone to the big cheese in the sky!! We love you Betty.

Came up to watch the sunset – 30 minutes of storming to the top & the cloud came down and hid the sun! Ate some bilberries & had some tea. Still a lovely view. Great to be at the top of the hill we have been watching from the barn all week!
Ruth, Steve & Emma (6)

I came to watch the sunset and ate some bilberries but had strong winds. (We left a tracker bar.)
Love Emma 6

18/8/10 2pm
Mixed weather – cloudy then sunny, bit breezy, fantastic views.
Beats working for a living!!
Left a Mars Bar for the next hungry soul (or dog)!!
Steven & Eileen Davidson
Hexham, Northumberland

18/8/10 2.20
Same as previous as we are only 20 mins on their tail.
Nice Mars bar – thanks.
Just kidding 
We made it.
Mick, Sam, Dan (9) & Amy (6) French xx

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Harry age 5
Mummy (Martha) age ?
Daddy (Mark) age too old
Willow (dog) age 7
Bryony (dog) age 3
What a windy day.
Harry’s first Lakeland mountain! (and Bryony’s!)

What a GLORIOUS View!
First time have ever been to the Lake District. Doing Cumbria Walk with 3 “friends” and his dad. Already walked 12 miles, 50 more to go. 20 pound bags on our back, me shoulders are killing me!
Gonna go for a swim in Coniston Lake.
We are Belper residents.
Jack Snell, Bob Pygott, Ryan Drenza, Jack Whittaker and Erik Jon Drenza!!!

1st day on our walk of “The Cumbria Way”. Beautiful views, can’t wait to get to the Black Bull for a pint.
Carlisle in 4 days!
Can’t wait to see my girlfriend!
Scott from Barrow

4-8-10 2.45pm
Great views!
Love the treasure box, have re-supplied & hope you enjoy.
The Evans family (Cambridge)
PS Can see the rain coming.

Why is there rubbish in the treasure box. Very windy and the tarn is pretty. Do not walk any further because the next tarn is a waste of time. Do not eat the crisps they are stale. Rubbish treasure box. Why is the book pink. Rains all the time.
Joe Taylor

Thurs 5th August 2010-09-05 Down at Beacon Tarn paddling in the water, skimming, having so much fun then climbing up this Beacon Fell. What a view. What a lake.
Cameron age 10
Molly age 7

A glorious day! Hot, sunny and amazing views. It doesn’t get much better than this.
Mark & Connie Stringer

I’m Ella I’m 6
I went the wrong way on my walk and came here.

9th Aug 2010
Peter from Lake Bank, Mike and Nick from Essex. Wish you were here but not in great numbers! Cheers.

Mirsky’s – very windy up here, but lovely view. We left £1, in case someone needs to buy a cup of tea.
10th August 2010

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Good morning! I am walking Eric Robson’s Other Wainwright’s route in stages and thought this was an easy leg. Am in the process of revision but thinking about some other parts of the walk it’s not bad – it’s the 66-year-old legs & lungs wot does it!
Brilliant idea , this box – is it an official geocache? I have several caching nuts among my friends.
Anyway, the sun is shining and my dog Rosie is ready for more.
All the best to all!
Daniel Littlewood

Sgt Mal and Pamela Fontello from Corpus Christi Texas USA. This was our first time together in the UK. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful world. God bless all.

28 July
Found Swallow Dale and Trout Tarn. Good view of Wild Cat Island.
Love Elllie age 6

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


6th July 2010
Jordan, Kelsey, Tracy, Polly the dog!!
Basildon, Essex
Sitting on the top of Beacon Fell enjoying the views. What a great idea!! Polly was hungry so ate a choccy bar. Only had some chewing gums. Hope someone enjoys them, maybe back over next days if so we will top up the treasure box,
Add Jordan Renton on Facebook if you found the box too.
Happy Days

Family came back from Beacon Fell raving about the treasure box they found and how they want to re-supply it. 08/01/10
Dragged off the settee kicking and screaming to bring 3 Kendal mint cakes and 2 chocolate rodeaos for our 4 legged friends. After all the fudd, Jordan and Kelsey wouldn’t get up, left to me and Tracy and Polly. Fantastic idea with fantastic views. Long may it carry on. Sorry about the spelling and hand writing. Lack of oxygen.
John, Tracy & Polly

After the fuss that John and Tracy made about us not coming back up, we decided to prove a point. Thought you might like to know
Brilliant idea.
Lots of love
Jordan & Kelsey

Helloy my name is Jamie Feay. I have had a grate time on this hill.
17th July 2010
PS We left some tea & coffee for you. Nic (Jamie’s Mum)

Back again. This time to replace dog biscuits!! Blustery, showery but clearing so we have the views!!
Pam, Mark, Angus & Daisy

Wed 21/7/10
David & Maggie from Bancory, Scotland & Gem our collie – thanks for 2 of the dog biscuits!
Sunny & clear after 4 days of rain.

Hey omg I am sooo unfit hot walked 2m and out of breath, but had lots of fun, hope you did 2. BTW this is my last year at Water Park Boo Hoo. I loved my 5 years CU Coniston lake and stuff Hot FUN XOXO PJ

It was very challenging but worth it when we got to the top because we felt proud and views were spectacular and a great experience.
Nina Winn

Sunday, 20 June 2010


10th June 2010-09-05 Often looked at this hill from Sunny Bank Fm. Climbed it today – blustery weather. Reasonable views.
Margaret & Keith
Malton, N. Yorks

We are team Coniston from Water Park. St Patrick’s School Rochdale.
Good views, windy weather, but we made it to the top all 12 of us.

Gorgeous evening for doggy walking bit breezy but the pooches don’t care.
Boyfriend came up here on 31st May and brought me up here to see the views tonight, stunning.
Kirsty, Daz, Max, Storm from UIverston
Macclesfield Rural U3A arrived here at 2.20pm on a beautiful sunny, warm day. Views extensive to sea & fells, skylarks singing – all for free. What more could we want.

Right after work I knew I need to see the hills again. Worth the walk, got to top about 7pm.
Beautiful Day

16/6/10 8.30pm
Thanks for the wine. Much needed. Off to the Rose n Crown now in Ulverston to watch band.
Lovely place.

18/6/10 11.30
Canadian, eh!
HF Coniston

20/6/10 7.30am
One of the best places in the lakes to be on one of the best days of the year. Beautiful.

20th June 2010
Gr8 views. Sorry folks only have a roll-up to leave. Hope you got a lighter!! My looney BF’s idea. Have a nice day
Sue (from Morecambe)
Gaz (from Toytown)
& Kipper the dog

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


2nd June 2010-09-05 The box is a fab idea. We were a bit nervous to open it at first but Robbie was the bravest at 11!! Mum thought it could explode!
Matt 13 desperate to eat everything but appeased him with a handful of nuts!
Have left some plasters in case like Clive (Dad) you’re trying out new boots!
We have had a fabulous walk, the sun is shining & we’re all in shirts & vests. The view over Coniston is stunning & the blue box will be what the boys remember!
The Nuttings from Telford

2/6/10 About 6.30pm
Lovely walk. The boy Arthur (6) got soaked playing in Beacon Tarn. We all painted some pictures down at the Tarn.
Mrs Bunce said “This is probably the most magnificent place I have been for views”. I agree.
½ pack of hob-nobs left.
Fab idea
Matt Phoebe Sarah Arthur

3rd June 2010
Another beautiful day, and not too breezy. I’ve come up here with my mum and auntie and have been revising History in my head for an exam next Tuesday. A good idea I think! And I have to say this diary is a rather brilliant idea!

3rd June 2010
The Thursday Pensioners made it to the top on a lkovely day – all 7 of us.

4th June 2010 – fantastic day – hot & sunny – walked up from Woodland via Beacon Tarn with Chris & Pete. Have left Pete relaxing by the tarn – here to celebrate the big ‘50’ & having a great day.
Kitty Lamb – York

Neil from Lake Bank here again for another sunset.
Remembering those who lost their lives here in Cumbria – a sad week.

Endured the walk up, after all, two of us are teenagers! Our younger sister got attacked by a massive three millimetre long bug and didn’t we all hear about it! Dad is sitting a few meters off looking at his map and pretending he’s not with us; he keeps walking off, but don’t worry we don’t let him escape... After all, he has the food!
Elisabeth, Kathryn and Alexandra

5/6/2010 @12.05
Left the car @ Blawith Church, & walked up via Beacon Tarn (complete with its own wild swimmer!?)
Maggie going mad for more treats & more nice smelly sheep muck to roll in.
Have left some raisins but just eaten lunch. Ian wanted the peanut bar but 4 months out of date!
Enjoy the views!
Pam, Laura, Ian & Maggie
(from Dalton-in-Furness Ancient Capital!!)

5/6/2010 (Sat) 1:10pm
Hello to Pam, Laura, Ian and Maggie from Dalton-in-Furness. Sorry to have just missed you all. Think I must have been your wild swimmer in Beacon Tarn – water water-lilies gorgeous! Swam for about 25 mins. A noisy ground (crowd?) came and set up home so it was a quick lunch and get dressed to find peace & quiet on Beacon Fell and this wonderful little log book. Views great if rather hazy. A cool breeze.
The Hawthorn trees are in full blossom and really standing out in the landscape. Perhaps we’ll all meet up at Beacon Tarn – or on the fells – keep happy, have fun, enjoy the views
Louise from Ambleside.
PS Cuckoos calling all around me. Thanks for sweets – much enjoyed!
1.35pm Denise and David
Glorious day, wonderful views, my favourite tarn. This is the life!
Unfortunately going back down now. – Bit different to last time we were here – March 09 – when we got lost in a snowstorm.

Deb & Steve from Dalton0in-Furness. Warm day, hardly a breeze. Higher fells in cloud. It’s wonderful up here, peaceful today with the cuckoo calling – we love it, last time we were here the Beacon was frozen solid!

Swimming in rain!

Monday, 31 May 2010


Out bagging HuMPs (it’s a boy thing, don’t worry) – fifth today. Windy & sunny.
Martin R

Alex 6 & Reuben 4 – first fell and cairn – many more to come!
Heather David & Granny

We seemd to get the best of the day. Sunny with glorious views all around – my favourite spot!
Took dog biscuit – will replace with more on our return in 2 weeks! Love the idea of the box!!
Pam, Mark, Angus & Daisy

Hi Lynz, Paul, Carter, Alva and Toby the dog here. 16th May 2010-09-05
Great day for the walk. May need a coffin to take us back down, think those lucozade tablets will come in handy. View is lovely!!!
Have left some lovely crisps in box. So enjoy. Sorry have ate them! Left dry & salted peanuts instead. Xxx
PS We took the Toby dog for this lovely walk as he is getting his privates cut off on Thurday.

Tuesday 18th May 2010
Stephen and Pam Turner finished up to Beacon Fell for “The Best of the Rest” as part of the 2010 “Wainwight Challenge” where members of The Wainwright Society climb all the “Outlying Fells” this week.

Thursday 20th May 2010 1500 hrs
Walking today to raise money for “Fix the Fells” via the Wainwright Society.
My goal was Blawith Knott, which I completed earler. Weather was poor from 1000 hrs. It’s warm now but overcast. Dow Crag, Coniston Old Man and Wetherlam are in cloud.
Nige O’Blisco

Friday 21st May 2010-09-05 Beautiful sunny day – better weather (and view) than in southern California where I’m from. We left an healthy Alpen bar – no Mars bars left for us! Enjoy!!
Betty Lynne Jacques
Diane Brendan Dennis Brian Lucas

Friday 21 May 2010-09-05 Great idea to have this log book. Good walk up & weather brill. Wondered what the box was at first! ?Pandora’s box!! Had nothing to leave but managed to find a couple of tea bags (unused) – you only need the hot water!!
Beryl, Jean, Ian & Bill

Libby’s first walk up Beacon Fell and she’s only 3, fantastic walker! Weather sunny but windy! Tom’s 4th time up here. Still ove it here. Still havint swam in the tarn. I caught lots of tadpoles again.
Tom age 7
Kev Lal Dan & Ruby
Linds Paul Libby

At first we thought the box was full of treasure but we found this book instead. We had a lovely walk. I paddles in the tarn. Kept hearing a cuckoo.
Katie 10, Elizabeth 11, Anthony and Richard

What a fab surprise. Views absolutely gorgeous, can see 360o as far as the eye can see, warm air and sunshine, Lakes are stunning. Tempted to leave our sheeps skull in box to weird people out, but left bag of crisps instead (also enjoyed chewy sweet). Lots of other folk arriving now.

Just been up to the tarn to stop the oil leak, couldn’t find it and it didn’t seem too bad.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


5/5/10 11.00am
Very mild and overcast. No-one about! Left 4 Mars bars.
Mike and Dexter

5/5/10 17.20pm
No change in the weather, so we thought we’d do an easy walk around Blawith Common! Beacon Fell came as a surprise, then we found the Mars bars. It just doesn’t get any better.
Love Debbie & Adrian
Wigston, Leicester

6/5/10 12.30pm
Who ate the Mars bars?
Dry with sunny spells and a bit of a breeze. Fantastic views.
Left some dog biscuits for poor worn out dogs.
Sandra, Bob, Rosie and Mollie

6/5/10 2pm
A bit scared to open the box! Wondered if it was someone’s ASHES. What a surprise. 2 Mars bars left – didn’t eat anything & my dog is at home so didn’t beed the dog biscs. What a fabulous place. Where in the world could be better? Sorry nothing to leave.
Marg & Angela

Hooray, the box is back! Bit wild and windy today.
Best wishes
Sean, Casper & Dongal
Made up Beacon Fell today for the first time. Really lovely place even in the wind.

Beautiful day. Still 2 Mars bars and we’re not in need of them. And we have nothing to leave but our note.
Val of Natterjacks & Rob

Have left some lucozade tablets in your good box, It’s not very windy today.
Simon, Jo-Jo & Mum

Snow on Coniston Old Man but wonderful clear view to coast. Fantastic walks.
Claire & Martyn

9/5/10 5pm
Very enjoyable day. Box is a lovely idea. Still 2 Mars bars. We left some miniature heroes but took the £10 note!! Enjoy.
The Grey family

10/5/10 3.20pm
Fantastic views as always. It may be grey, it may be a bit wet, but it is always glorious to be out on the fells. Long may book #12 stay in place.

Furness College Sports Group
Ben Clarke
Tyler Mills
Dec Culbert
Bradley Chapples
Bradley Hubbold
Tim Haberfield
Josh Hewson
Alex Roberts
Will Singleton

Sunny day, bit windy.
Ate all the Mars bars!!
Only got one bakewell tart left, sorry can’t leave that, only other spare item is a poo bag, anyone welcome to use xx
Lainie’s legs x