Sunday, 22 August 2010


Steve & Helen Oliver
Alison Plant
Rosie the dog
Aka Hoosplorers & Rosieratbag
Pls look @!
Love the view x

Some of the most beautiful views in the Lake District.
Will always come back
Kay & Gary

Georgia Barton
Simon Robertson
Alison Stone
Steve Jackson

21st August
What a treasure box love the idea!
Had a sweet for me and gave me wee dog a biscuit.
The view well just amazing!
Caroline & Rosie (the dog) woof woof xx :)

22/8/10 Awesome box and book! I wish I had time to read it all! Bit windy. We emptied the box of some sticky things past their best. Sorry we didn’t leave anything. With my uncle, brother, sister and Mum – about to have lunch then for a paddle in the lake. Have a good time here!
Katherine 15 x#PS Used the perfume, needed it after the climb

Great view! A bit windy, wish I hadn’t worn shorts. Seen Blackpool Tower
Maria Age: 11 xxx

Andy & Carol Solihull

A Favourite spot for a Sunday afternoon. Used to be so quiet but now gets busy!
Get off the summit & move down to the lake side of the hill, out of the wind & spend a few hours reading a book. Perfectly peaceful.

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