Saturday, 14 November 2009


Noah’s first trip up a mountain age 17 months carried by Daddy
Weather beautiful, sunny & windy, perfect!

4th November 2009
A party of five visiting the summit of Beacon for the first time.
Julie Kidd
Nigel Smith
Ray Kidd
Jennifer Lyons
Jim Lyons
Breezy & rainy today but the top & the views are still beautiful. A lovely little spot in the quieter part of the Lakes.

Back again for another lovely walk. Peggy, Graham, Emma, Janice & Richard & Cocoa xx
Heavy rain yesterday – blue skies & views today yee ha!

Hi All
Thinking of you all working Monday morning at office.
Glorious here, in sunshine above mist on Lake
Barbara K

9th November 2009
Fabulous day – blue skies all round. Beautiful views
The Westmorelands
Angela, Phillip & Spot the dog

14th November 09
Lovely light in afternoon after the heavy rain.
Stuart & Tammy

Saturday, 31 October 2009


17 Oct 09
Mike, Clare & Amelie Scott
Jeremy, Amanda, Nathan, Isaac & Lucy the dog Tizard
We love this place!
3600 of sunshine & blue skies & amazing views, who would want to be anywhere lese. Looking forward to the Jennings @ Torver.
Clare, Mike & Amelie – we have never been jup here & it is STUNNING! A little bit of heaven on earth. Xx

17 Oct 2009
Tess & Keith
Best day of the year!

Bogtrotters weren’t here again!

Rain cleared for us hurray! Well woth the walk.
The Heppies

Marelke (4 years old)
Jakob (6 years old)
& Christina & Tobias

Liz & Richard Nottingham
V. windy. Cloudy but sunny breaks. Sea glinting in the sun. Superb views. What a place to cool off!

Mathew family 25/10/09
Very windy day but still lovely. Dog biscuit in box for hungry dogs.

Misty on top.
Having lunch
Friendly people en route from Torver Common via Beacon tarn
John, Mary, Tim, Dave

Misty all round.
No view of Coniston Fells.
Windy on top of fell, but mild temp.
From Two Askamites

Wet underfoot but beautiful dry autumn day. Perfect views of the lake and boats.
A very tranquil walk indeed!
Nick Weatherley
Sophie & Grandpa PO and Sunny

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


4th October
Emma, Richard, Bethan & Madeline
Farnborough, Hants
V. windy but clear!
Found the box at last! Well done Beth!
Off down the path for some well deserved rest!

5th October
Beautiful warm & sunny
Very still. Clear views over to the “Old Man” & Dow Crag.
Roger – Barrow

9th October
Breezy, cloudy & great!!

9th October 2009
Fantastic & windy!
Catherine 
It is tiring
It has an amazing view.
It was really tiring
It’s fun
It’s very windy
Jessie 
I am happy
It was tiring and fun!
I’m Stewart I rule 

Wonderful to be on here on a dry day. I visited here in 1967 and 2004 and I could not see the scenery through the rain. Today it is great to be here with family & to meet Anna’s family & enjoy the views of mountains, lake and sea from the hill tops.

Bright, clear, still, glorious!

13/10/09 – 10.15am
Bit cloudy, misty, sun just breaking out
Walked p through “Nutty Sheep Fold”?, going back via Beacon Tarn so Molly (13 mth Labrador) can have a swim!
Simon Walney Island

Saturday, 26 September 2009


Chris Bird & Meg (dog)
Appleby in Westmorland
Lovely place, look forward to seeing you on the next striding edge walk!
Enjoy the treats.

Cloudy but warm
All downhill from here
Chris, Karen, Harry Flower

19/9/09 16:15
Love the views
Patrick, Charlie, Kitty & Martha have walked brilliantly today – well done!

Sun 20/9/09
Beautiful morning, wonderful views. Thanks, Sean, for the idea to do this one – a nice change from cloudy tops with no views!
John Atherton

Beautiful sunny early autumn – late summer day.
Uncle Mickey & Jacqueline
Beautiful views and Aunty Pat would of loved it and Sez.
Loads of love
Jacqui & Mickey xxx

Cloudy but beautiful as usual....

It was hard work klyming the mountain
Signed Kim Gent

It was hard work climbing up the mountain and I got water in my boots
Signed Olivia

I loved the games exspeshelli hide and seek.
It was fair good. I loved the games espelly the 2nd game.
Brown Pike Team from Water Park 

It was so fun I loved the view and all the lake
from Wetherlam Team Water Park

Bracing weather, almost scuppered by the bogs, but we made it. Fab views worth it!
Hayley, Nadine and Kate – twins on the march!
Sarah (the other twin) will be back next year!

Cloudy, breezy but great!!

Having a lovely day with spectacular sunrise
Enjoy DUDE68
PS A great summit for a wild camp – try it!

Beautiful morning and back again for the quiet and the views.

Fantastic hike!
Wonderful view
The Canadian Team

26th Sept 09
Louise Ambleside
A great day of sunshine and light winds, clear skies and views – very autumnal. Enjoyed a few minutes utter peace & quiet at Beacon Tarn – coffee time! Fells busy. Had a very close encounter with slow worm on path from electricity pylons to southern end of tarn – it wasn’t so slow to get away!

Monday, 14 September 2009


Another sunny day.
Just a little hazy.
Love to Dougal & Casper.
Dave & Edith Brown

Sunny but hazy
Kieran & Beth & Humbug dog

Kevin & Alfie aged 4 and me somewhat older.
Nice sunny day
Alfie leaving two badges in the box

12th Sept ‘09
Still sunny windy
9 of us enjoyed our picnic
We nearly took the box and threw it in a bin – v. glad we didn’t.
St Paul’s
Mik & the Canon.

12-9-09 13-10
Fabulous view & a lovely clear sunny day
Good climb. Now time for lunch!
Roger & Jackie
Chippenham, Wiltshire

12-9-9 2.10pm
Fabulous sunny and hot!
Where are all the butties gone?
Rob, Sean & James

Sean, Dougal & Casper
Beautiful Day!

12 Sept 09
Sarah, Alicia & Buzz
on a beautiful sunny day. Views magnificent and such a glorious peaceful place to be.
It was ace 

Graham, Emma & Peggy & Cocoa & Quiver
What a beautiful day
Cleared my head!
Peggy’s first fell completed.
Stay at – fantastic.

My 30th birthday tomorrow – what a beautiful way to end my 20s! Stunning weather, awesome view.
Ella Rose Buckley’s first ascent too!
Hannah, Nic & Ella (11 months nearly) Buckley London

Chris & Ray
Been here many times but never had such clear views as today
Peaceful & tranquil. Can see Blackpool Tower it’s that clear!

13 Sep 09
Gordon, Julie, Kate & Hannah
The most glorious September day, classic views but unfortunately I’ve already eaten my sandwiches!

13th Sept 2009
Sunday. A superb day with a clear view for miles all round.
Too easy to find this!
The 2 pens don’t work either.
S Cartlidge

Monday 14/9/09
Cloudy, sunny spells, fantastic views. Great spot to admire the fells we’ve already walked!
Keith, Chris, Matt & Helena Saunders
We all like surfing in your website, Sean!

Cloudy, cool breeze, fairly clear. CC

Ottershaw, Leeds
Kerix Leeds Crew

Friday, 11 September 2009


3/9/09 Michael Elcock + Dexter
v. v. v. Windy
rain coming in again
better hurry!...

3/9/09 – 3.30pm
Agree with you Michael & Dexter v. v. windy. At least it’s dry now.
Time for a brew.
Tony, Pam & Ryan & Sasha

V windy and boggy
My first climb/walk in Lakes
Great views love it!!
Graham & Helen Bosham, W Sussex

Can’t believe these people were here on same day. It is no longer windy & views are grand
It is still boggy!
June & Lucy
PS Have been walking this fell for ever - & it is ever changing - & one of our favourites.

8/9/09 2pm
Gaz Fyne Ulverston
Well-windy 20yds vis
PS Where’s the tin?

9/9/9 – though not an emergency
Paul & Ian Martin were here. Bloody windy but not raining
Nice one!

First sunny day for weeks – bit windy but wonderful
Jen & Charlie

Wonderful walk, good weather.
Robin & Mary (Devon)

10.15am Beautiful day.
Very warm, very sunny. No wind. Still boggy due to previous weather.
Very enjoyable walk from parking space just south or Brown How car park.
Simon & Mollie (12 mths Labrador) from Walney Island.

12pm arrived enjoyed the view very warm no wind sun sun sun amkes a change.
John & Glennys
Lowestoft, Suffolk
(Long walk)

10 9 09
Still sunny
Who ate the biscuit?
Lot of flies!
Paul & Caroline

Amie Louise Jackson and Stewart Donovan Cross left some of our love for you all to enjoy!
Spread love
Make love
And lick the lid of life.
Perfect view.

Lovely sunny day
Hot, hot, hot wonderful views, Indian summer at last, a few flies.
Good to be out.
Alan & Marian

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Tues 1st Sept 2009
Blustery wind, showers, sunshine
Lovely views & heather in full bloom
Sandra & Sandy Glossop

Tues 1/9/09
Windy south westerly bringing in a mass of rain from over Kirkby Moor and other fells.
Sheet of long grey lines of rain about to come down. I’m off!
Beautiful heather colours! Erica inerea, erica tetralix very beautiful!
Nat x

Monday, 31 August 2009


Sam Rogers (11)
Well as you no I am not that keen on walks and this one does not make me any keener. The weather is horrible.
Isabel Thomas
I liked this walk a lot. The weather is misty and rainy and it is horrible.
30 August 2009
Alice May Thomas
You see that I go on a lot of walks and this one is very short for me. But it is very nice. Beautiful.

31st of August
Very windy and cloudy weather. Also very muddy but great and worth it!
Isobel Bryson
Jonathan, Dawn and Jamie

31st Aug 21.00
Time to go!
Lovery (Mark)


Tue August 26th
Lovely evening
Fantastic views
Best of luck with your new dog Dougal. Enjoy the website (very useful)
S Wilson
Dalton and “Sooty” A Wright

The Konstandi’s were here
Does anyone know if this is the way to Amarillo!

We are smiling now we are at the top.
Carol, Hilary, Fiona, Darren, Finn & Flo
I am ?? age 6

Michael & Dexter (flat-coated retriever) here again.
I’ll leave a new book (10) as this is nearly full.
Check out the Beacon Fell blog (
(Anyone lost a pair of glasses?

28 August 09
We are camping at Beacon Tarn...
V. v. V. Windy. Going to Torver or Coniston for cake! I have a runny nose!!! >sniff<
Natalie x
Hannah x

Hannah, Steve & Ella are here again from Bath.
We love the walk to Beacon Tarn and all its soggy paths.
We hope you like the vista it’s pleasant and very fair.
But now it’s started raining.....

I’ve lost the will to care!!
Sarah, Ella 
Hope you like the sketch x
29/8/09 Neil
Up the Beacon again after a gap of several years.
Sunny but v. windy.

Sun 30-8-09
Alan and his HF Holidays party – rather misty but at least it’s dry(ish).
Alastair (age 2)

Sunday 30-8-09
M Moore
G Noore
Y Moore
Windy & raining, nice walk, no views

Waiting for Sarah completing her 3 Lakes challenge
Black Combe Runners

D of E Silver
Danny T, Danny H, Luke H, Nathan N, Adam R, Tom J, Mike O
Great view
Just walked from Grizedale Forest tired...
Sat 31st August

Sunday, 23 August 2009


Fantastic view well worth the effort
From Sheffield

Hi Sean
Still as good as ever this hill.
As said before if no-one can appreciate this – then I am afraid all is lost,
Bob Chubb
Walney Island
15 Aug 2009

Monday 17th Aug 2009
Beautiful spot – lovely walk round the calm tarn - & up here the views are wonderful.
Julia Tarry
Samuel tarry
Rev Gordon tarry
East London, Marking

I am so close to heaven
Vera Sheehan Essex age 70

Dave Hewitt Notts
be back soon

Paul & Janet Rosier
Newport Pagnell
It stopped raining as we reached here!
A wonderful view!!

5.35pm 18/8/09
Fifth time of visiting this beautiful place. Fantastic views even though it’s cloudy. So peaceful didn’t meet anyone on this walk!
Julie & Rob Antrobus 
Runcorn, Cheshire

Tatsfield Cobra Explorers
Gone wrong way!
Yo! I’m Sam!
I eat these hills for breakfast
Jimmy Blackman cannot read maps! 

Great weather, great views.
Elliot Atherton (41 from Bolton)

Simon & Anita Whitfield
Superb heather & views! Ideal for my next paintings in Ambleside gallery.

I was forced uo against my will but I had a cake at the top. Sorry I didn’t leave any.

Golden sunshine
Purple heather
Deep blue lake
Orange butterflies
Dark grey mountains
Bright white yachts
Cotton white clouds
Deep green forest

What a view this hill is great

Walker/Rafter families
Lydiate M’side
We made it up the hill!!
Fantastic views.
Sun does shine in the Lake District sometimes.


Lovely views. Heavy rain – will come again on a fine day.

Great views of a wonderful landscape
Tried swimming in the lake but a bit cold today
Find more hidden treasure at www,

Friday, 14 August 2009


Bethany, Danielle, Robert, Shaun and Yvette
5.30 fantastic views, well worth the climb! 2nd time!!!

Lovely clear day
Saw Blackpool Tower
What a view!
Lots of flying ants.
Mary & Cliff Stewardson
Meathop Grange-o-Sands

What a view! Third time here but only just found the tin.
Sandra & Bob
Rosie & Mollie
Newby Bridge & Staverton

13th of August
A wonderful day, great company and beautiful views!
Owen, Nadine & Helene from the west Coast of Canada
Visiting Aunt Irene & Uncle Dave

What a wonderful view!
I’ve come up with my grandma and granddad and brother
It’s a fantastic walk.
From Lucy 10 & Harvey 6

Swallows and Amazons
Age 7

Blimy, our only sunny day, and we get a great view. I wish I brought a better camera!!
Karen (age 14) is cool
I forgot my phone which is my camera
Great view
Philip age 11
Hartley Whitney, Hampshire

Olivia Clegg was hear on the 14th of August 2009
John Clegg from Rochdale

The views are wonderful worth the walk up here
Freya Treep (11)

Sunday, 9 August 2009


Windy but not wet!
Going for a swim now... brrrr!
Neil Ireland

Jan & Ed from Exeter
Beautiful, sunny, windy day

The Barton’s – Ulverston
Windy but not wet!!
Wonderful view – all directions
Off to bake a cake now
Do pop in if you are around!!

Chris Rust and his family
Today we made a great discovery.
One step further for man kind.
This is the Norfolk family.

Douglas (USA) & Janet (UK)
Joint trip!!!
Great Day
Good view & Dougal the dog loved it too!
X July 30th 09

31st July
Andy & Phil Timm
What a view!

Wooo thank goodness for that! But worth it!
Jack Bennett
1st August 2009

Here we sit over Wordsworth’s and Wainwright’s land and it’s like we’ve just discovered it for the first time! Our walk from Coniston was boggy but the rain stayed off us and we now have a magnificent view of the Old Man and Langdale and beyond. Heard about the tin but amazed to find it’s actually here. Added to the cairn (superstitious as ever) and now when the OS come round again it might be higher than the official route suggests. One peak down – six more this week to go.
G, S, P, S, S, R, M x
From Bristol August 09

Kat & Carl
Climbed this peak 1st August 2009!
What lovely views!

Enjoying the view
v. windy
Peter, Bev, Robert
Michele & Stephen

Boggies weren’t here!

2/8/09 Sunday
Lorrani, Mike, Jake, Alex & Mutly the dog. A beautiful lunch spot with the family. Life is all about great lunch spots & this is one.

After years of sailing on Coniston, it’s great to climb Beacon Fell and look down.
What a view! (Another Wainwright outlier bagged)
Tove & Graham

Enid & Mark 02/08/09
Enid nearly had a heart attack getting up here, but views make it all worthwhile (probably gonna have to carry her back down though eh)?!

Sue McLain, Tarpa, Chenma 3/8/09
8pm Misty view and very windy! Nearly killed me walking up here, but a wonderful view greets new visitors!
Enjoy x

McGinley family 4/8/09
John, Sarah and Abi
Plus Ruby & Daisy (Nottm)
Great views worth the visit x

Craig, Jamie, Alan & Janet
Loveky day today! It’s a scorcher, glad to find the treasure chest, it’s ded handy! Good luck to any future walkers who write in here!
From Bolton, UK

John, Marg & Robin
Fantastic clear view
Lovely sunny day!
What a view!!

Dogs loved the tarn, wished I’d brought my swimming costume! & a towel. Great walk as always.

Reuben (8 months); Rocky (aged 7); Avey, Darrell, Bill & Naela from Italy & Scotland, having a beautiful day

Chris & Mike Garry
Fantastic views, lovely day, weather great!

7th Aug ‘09
Been coming here for 28 years, still just as good.
Ken & Colette (Ulverston) & Tilly & Bess

7 Aug 09
Graham, Julie & Katie from Margate (didn’t like all the way). A great walk – love the tin.

Seventh August 2009
Katie E B, love the tin idea! Haven’t got anything to put in it so I am going to rip out a page and write “Hi” on it, (hope that’s OK)
Love Kt B xxx
I love horses!

1635 hrs 7th August 2009
Lovely sunny day with a few fluffy white clouds around. Visibility is good. Walked from Gawthwaite via Great Burney, Blawith Knbott and Wool Knott.
Terrific view
Nige from Standish, Wigan


2nd time I’ve been here – I like the previous message!
Nicholas Bond aged 10

Windy day. Here with husband, 2 mountain goats (I mean boys), and my mother-in-law. Hungry now.....
Ann Bond aged 39
A splendid place for lunch. Now!
Michael Bond (aged plenty)
I like the lovely view
Alex Bond aged 7

8th August 2009
Slavka from Serbia, David from Lincolnshire
Privilege to be here, so grateful for our wonderful planet.

8/8/9 Sat
Wow! Worth the climb. The view is fantastic, never brought the camera
will have to come back! Tin brilliant idea. This is surely heaven on earth.
Forget all your worries.
Col, Jackie & Rafa

A great place to stop on the Black Combe Runners Summer Challenge – Greyhound (Shap) to Greyhound (Grizebeck).
Now going for a dip in the tarn.
Penny, Amanda, Guy, Karl, Pete, Lucy (dog)

Su 9/8/09
Evan and Andrew Wilson
Clouds on Coniston fells but Black Combe range clear. Haven’t been up here sin ce 1982 when came with mum, dad & my sister. Now have brought my son who is really keen. Going to take some pictures.
Andrew & Evan aged 6

Thursday, 30 July 2009


The AFG visited here (After Fiveways Group)
We thought it was great!

Luke & Thomas
Grandma & Grandpa
Total age: 155 years
It was great.

24th July ‘09
Kirsten, Murray, Mum, Dad, Grandma & Granda!
Dad’s birthday!
Happy 47th birthday!
From Aberdeen in Scotland

Roger from B/W

We made it with the help of Haribo.
Amy & Laura

Dunford family from Leeds

At last we mae it to the top. I am absolutely shattered. What a great walk. We had a great time and are now going to get fish and chips.
Guy, Ben, Matt, Hannah (zzz ha ha) & Tavy x

We were up here on New Year’s Day and it was warmer.
However the dogs are just as badly behaved.
It is always beautiful here though.
Carol & Raul

27/7/09 J.V. 6.00pm
Very windy. Bright sun. Super!

29th July ‘09
9.37am, very windy, very misty and no food in the tin! Ha Ha
Gaz Googe Ulv

Neil M (Lake Bank) up here again!

Matthew Parks aged 6
Tom aged 4
We walked all the way up!

Monday, 20 July 2009


11th July
Lovely to be back here again. Wonderful walk at the end of a lovely week.
Ian and Julia Jackson

Karen & Graham Proctor
Bringing the 2 Gremlins next time.

Jonah 9 had a nice swim in the tarn. Hope to come back.
This is an awesome book. Rock on.
MJ lives!

3 geocaching twerps, Ninja Pirate, Windywalkers & Donaldrinho stumbled upon this fine summit after a day’s slavery at Royal Mail. The cosmopolitan nature of the visitors has thus been further enhanced by the addition of 2 of us from Dalton-in-Furness & the other slag heap (Windy) from Barrow. The only disappointment was that there are no cookies left.

Tina & Charlie Chatburn with our friend Chris & Terry – nearly got blown away – but a great walk. Thanks Chris. I’m sure we will return!

Woo Hoo made it to the windy top, for a deserved treat of millionaires shortbread. Mmm 
Mike, Sheen & Lorna

Best place in the world!
Eirwen & John Coe

Eve I had a great swim with my brother Jonah it is great but long
I will be back ha ha ha!

Hi! Future reader of this scawesome (scarily awesome) book!
This walk is good but too uphill for my taste!!! My brother and sister Jonah & Eve went in the lake but i didn’t want to because of the frog beast. The native monster of this tarn. It is 5x the size of a normal toad and has 2 inch long fangs that will kill you from the venom on them. But they are scared of the colour blue so wear blue if you’re swimming because even though they live at the deepest part of the tarn they are very good jumpers!!!
Hope you enjoy the rest of your walk be careful not to get stuck in the bog and remember to tell your friends and people you know about the legend of the frog beast so it will live on in the memory of your knowledge!
Peace out dudes!!
Live a long happy life!
Be awesome!
Megan Myers 2/2/95
N Ireland but native to Bristol

This walk rules
Andrew B (Ulverston)
It’s very windy!
Lexi Brockbank (Ulverston)

Tim Price & Linda Bentley
Linda got up here with ease. Tim another story.
Have a fag on me

From HF Monk Coniston

Visitors from Washington DC
Katie & Kathleen

Training for my trek in Nepal for the Prince’s trust – it’s fabulous up here!
Frances Padall

19 July 2009 I’m training for Nepal too! Fabulous week in beautiful scenery.
Sandra R Lawes

19 July 2009 Lovely day, fair weather cumulus and a cooling breeze. So peaceful up here, just the sound of bees buzzing and wind in the grass.
Rob & Gill
From Cambridge, England

Bob, Daphne, Tom
Lovely views, day –
locals from Rampside - Barrow

Thursday, 9 July 2009


Beautiful sunny day. Came up from Crake Valley camp site. The birds have been serenading us the whole way. Paddles in the tarn. What a wonderful world.
Jo & William

4th July 2009
“I’m gonna be a Star!”
Lovely view on a lovely day.
Mark & fellow stags.
I’m with him! And thanks for the lollie-pop!
David Rushmer
I’m with him
Tim E
He’s with me.

4 July
Dave & Eleanor Sheffield
Lovely day & view (at present! – might rain).

4/7/09 David, Carol & Kelly Knowles & Jetty the dog
(from Cleveleys, Lancs)
A lovely walk for Kelly’s birthday!

Grandad, Grandma, Mum (with bump) & Daf & Wispa (Choc Lab).
Great walk, great view – hungry dog! Could sit here all day?
The Rigbye’s, Wigan

Keswick Ramblers B Group was ‘ere

4th July
Just parked our spaceship on the landing ground here. Are staying for the weekend then going back to Mars.

6th July 2009
Fantastic view!!
Lovely walking, nice and steady.
Sorry I just missed the spaceship!!
Elaine, Richard & Dodge dog

5th July 2009
Glad to be on top of the Beacon again after nearly a year not being able to fell walk.
Weather warm and humid.
Yvonne & Ronnie Williams

5th July 2009
Rod & Dave
A small prayer for John Clifford of Paisley – who has cancer.

7th July ‘09
Dad, Sue, Helen & Ross (and Tess the black fell terrier) having gingerbread & tea, thoughts of Mum resting peacefully over on White Pike.
Good to be here.

8th July 2009 11.35am
John & Mary Needham
Dray day, little overcast. Enjoyable walk.
Hope this is kept up.
(Kirkby-in-Ashfield – Notts)

8th July
Jonathan Edwards & Kath Pickhall 12.40
Fine, overcast – 2 people only at tarn.
We are going to Coniston via Torver Tarn & paths onwards.

Worth flying economy from Australia for this view alone. That Kirsten A Taylor is with us makes it all the more perfect. Where’s the pub?
Jodie & Steffen Pfarr
(formerly Ulverston)
July 8, 2009

I am lucky to be here with my special peeps Jodie & Steffy (but Jona had to work)
Windy but sun pokes thru. Salvones tonight with the Evening Mail posse. Can’t wait. Kirsten & Miriam are married & all is well with the world. Nibbles next? 3 Shires?
Kirsten A Taylor 8th July 2009

Barrow Ramblers Thurday evening walk led by Alan Parker. Pat Pudsey’s first walk since breaking her ankle. Black clouds above but lovely sunset developing.

Monday, 29 June 2009


Midsummers Day 21.06.09
Sorry the last logbook has gone but this one reminds me of writing in it on New Years day.
Fabulous today – clear views but just starting to spot with rain.
Thanks for the tin.
Lynne Dave Mollie & Louis

Midsummers Day
It was exciting to meet the Goblin here on his special day of the year. We mae our three wishes that he granted us and are waiting to see what will happen.
Dave & dogs

Coming from Germany I had a nice walk up here with HF
Marta and the others

Verwood Ramblers 21/6/09

Perfect views a magic day!! A full contingent of heaton offspring, Smiths, Snowdons, ? & a Hooligan, happy days.
Ben & Co

Glorios day, wonderful views.
Sheer bliss.
Peter & Maddy 23/6/09 10.55am

A perfect day. We have walked this fell for 27 years and every time is special.
L&I 23/6/09 noon

Love what you’ve done with the place!
The Egan family Suffolk

Nice day, nice view, nuf said
TL 24/6/09

A beautiful morning and a great walk – for all this!
This will become a wonderful memory when I’m back home!
M van der Klooster, The Netherlands

It was wonderful, and a nice idea of that Beacon Fell Treasure Chest!
W M van der Klooster

On the Outer (Outlyers) Wainwrights on a continuous walk to link them all up. Last year the 214’s in sog. This year superb blue skies – will it last?
Paul & Gill Mackrill

A Beautiful clear day, for a change!
The Sewell family, Bucks

24/6/09 noon
Pete from Blackpool doing AW’s Outlying Fells. Gorgeous day, gorgeous view! Off for a dip in the tarn!!  Enjoy!

Amazing place! I’ve just been proposed to for the 2nd time by my husband – can’t believe he is so wonderful. My best friends in the world are with us – we’re drinking champagne!
Karen, Kevin Jarvis
Lynne, Andy Harmer
Linton, Cambridge

Bright & sunne, a wonderful place
Jen & Paul

Balanced very precariously
V windy but great!
Sally & Chris, Kinlet, Shropshire

Humid & overcast – but still a beautiful view & enjoyable walk in a quiet area.
Sue & Roger – York. John – Carlisle

Enjoying our short walk from Blawith via Kiln Bank. Very pleasant. Warm, very humid, slight breeze. This is the last day of our holiday, walking in the lakes – fantastic week!
Andrew & Catherine Philipson & Nellie the collie!

We are all roasting!
We went for a paddle in ‘trout tarn’. We found 3 leeches, Fred, Geraldine and Fred the 2nd! Now we have to walk all the way down again, I think we might all melt!
Liz, Fraser, Colin, Kirsten, Matilde
Neale, Helen, Jemmy, Suzie & Digger

29/6/09 12-05pm
Graham, Annich & Buster (our 2 yr old Golden Retreiver).
Very ‘hot’. Annich happy, down hill from now on. Fantastic views of God’s creation. Who needs to go abroad when we have all this.
Rochester, Kent

Monday, 15 June 2009


14th June 2009
Pat’s 70th birthday
Steph, Mark & Paul
Placed a rock for Pat who did not make it up the hill. X

Thurs 11th June
Dark clouds to the North but we’re looking S. & E. at the sun on the sea, sheltered from the wind. Lovely lakes day!
Jim & Angela

Love the tin – first time ever have seen ? (partner) put something in!
If you’re up here with Neave – don’t forget to carry her back down.

Saturday 13th June 09
The view is worth the climb.
A sunny day enhances the view.
Jen & Ruth Read Perth W Australia
The majestic views are exhilarating and majestic or rather awesome.
Lyn and Geoff Sach Perth W Australia
Welcomed by Painted Lady
Peter Wardle, Lake Bank

14th June Sunday 12.30
Kate, Ali, Jen & Lin, Beulah, Keeper & Fin
Hooray – made it to the top – lovely hot sunshine & good breeze. Boats look lovely on the lake & so do all the fells. Beacon Tarn will be good for the dogs and all their mud.

14th June ‘09
On top of the world!
Ben (5) & Anna (3) with Mummy, Daddy, Pa Pa and Gran, and Auntie Luci – with 3 doggies!

So nice to be retired.
Walter Wall

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


2nd June 09
Wow – I haven’t walked in ages! It’s taking its toll but more than worth it when you get to the top.
I didn’t even know the tin & logbook existed until my trusty guide (who thankfully dragged me up here) told me about it. Thank you to its creators not least of all because it means I can have a wee sit down.
Love Kat Ford

V. hot. Coniston looks inviting. Off for a swim.

I’m the guide. Couldn’t believe my friends hadn’t been up here!!

Clare Rick Toby Mowgli (the dog!) Chris + EV
Great walk, views amazing & so is the weather. Chris had a good swim in the tarn!

3/6/09 11.15am
Brian Hartlebury
Sun just beginning to shine through but a little breezy. is superb. Keep it up.

Obdivujeme krasy Lake District!
Clenove KCAR (TARS) z Ceske republiky
Ivan ? Moelie
Lea Pickova

5/6/09 2.30pm
Breezy & drizzly today after some superb sunny days.
Michael & Dexter again
Enjoy the Twixes!

Sun 7th June 09
Dave & Shelly
Very windy but still a lovely walk. Keep up the good work.

7th June 09
Gaz & Wanny
First time fell walking for big Wanny – where’s the oxygen tank & mask ha ha! Wot a view.

7 June 2009
Doing part of the Wainwright “Outlying Fells” walk – still sunny.
Lindsay & David from Surrey

Broken cloud, light wind, mild, perfect.
We all loved the walk & our dogs the swim. The reward is always at the top, the fantastic view, but something extra today, a treasure chest, made fascinating reading while having our picnic. Thank you.#Jenny & Mick – North Devon
& Ben & Molly (our cocker spaniels) who are very muddy & happy

EVE Monday 9th June
Light cloud but clear.

Sunday, 31 May 2009


Josie & Doug 17/05/09
All the way from Cape Town – SA. Lake District has welcomed us in style with what it does best – rain!
But wonderful to be here, out running on the fells!

Roy & Ian Phillips
Made it to the top through the rain & wind. A very good walk.
Enjoy your curly-wurly’s

19 May 09
Mark Valentine & the dogs
Lovely walk with great views of the lake and mountains.
Hope youe walk is just as enjoyable.

21st May ’09 (year of the recession)!!!
‘The true antidote to greed is contentment.’
Dali Lama

21st May MMIX
Sublime view north to the rest of the fells. Pefect day for a walk.
Joe Hune

The cloud is just on the mountain tops with the sun shining on ours.
We think this is one of the best views in the lake district.
Love finding this little treasure tin. Cheers
Claire, Mike, Arran & May Tomes

If you fancy another adventure maybe canoeing on the lake below (Coniston) or gorge walking up one of the gills or abseiling down the cliffs at Cathedral Quarry near Little Langdale. We specialise in families and small gps for just £40 for a half day session.
Call Amanda or Beth on 015395 31116
Happy adventures
Mike Tomes

Alice said it was good fun & she even managed to get her Granny up here (65 yrs in Armani’s!)
James P Yo!
Alice P Yo!

Made the hill in good time, great views all round.
Sam fell in the bog on way up so had to jump in the tarn.
Love from Sam, Steve, Tracey and Aslam the dog

Beautiful views all round, cool breeze.
Can recommend (go back a couple of pages)
Gordon & Sheila

Hello, my name is Ben Cross. I’m thirteen!
This is a nice walk but it’s going to be hard getting down.
Have a good walk
Ben Cross

25 May 09
My name is Cerys and I am 6 years old. This was my second mountain I have climbed. I came with 8 other people.

Jack, Bro, Isla, Niamh, Ian, Dee, Ron, Paul, Cath, Jorden
We love Cumbria. Just been eaten by leeches in the tarn! Wooo!

My lovely wife & I enjoyed this wonderful view many times. How I wish she were here with me today.
Ron McCol

Love Cumbria tis cool, started about 2 hours ago, cut my leg at the start “ouch!” Just swam in the tarn, it was freezing! Had fun though woopee!

We went swimming in the tarn in are underwear! We will never forget it! X

We come here every year, we will never stop coming here. We miss Nan but we have great memories of her

A lovely day on the summit. I’ve seen two tiger butterflies. It’s really clear up here and can see for miles.
Joseph R

26 May 09
We came here on my 49th birthday! Missed the rain, views great. Wonderful to be out.
Have fun,
Jan & Matt

Very wet & windy.
Can’t see more than 10 yds.
Great! Ha ha
Gaz Fine

28 May 2009
Captain Flint ascended Beacon Hill
Ably assisted by Titty Walker
Benedict McConnell was here!
The four of us made it!
Yasuko, Katie-Sai, Paul & Benedict

We are surrounded by heaven on earth. A beautiful day & a worthwhile walk. Fabulous! Thank you for this book, we will be back!
Christine, David, Paul & Gill

Perfect spot to celebrate a birthday (59 years)!
Andrea & Gordon 29/5/09

Wish I’d listened more at school, as I would have liked to have written some lovely poetry!!! Hey ho!
Can’t think of anywhere else in the world I’d rather be right now!
Dawn & Kimmi Dog

Sunday 31st May 2009
Justin, Carina, Rosie (7) and Tom (2) from Wolverhampton
Your website is a great inspiration along with Wainwright’s books. I think about the fells every day!
Rosie was very excited about finding the tin, she thought Connie might be up here too! She scoffed the curly-wurly and replaced it with hula-hoops. Fine mountain food!

Dear Connie
I am 7 and love your shop and wish we could go on a walk together. I have done 34 Wainwrights, my favourites are Haystacks and Catbells.
Love Rosie Whiting x

Monday, 11 May 2009


9th May 2009
James & Emily & Robert Holden
Very winbdy!
All the best to Connie and Casper

10th May 2009
Amy Hammond
Amy’s 10th birthday. It’s a nice day. Glad I found the treasure chest.
Love Amy 10 tomorrow
Love your shop!

Jo McDonagh & Mrs Carol Susan
Nice day for it.
Love the view!

14.05 10/5/9
Victoria Baxter & Matthew Archer
Absolutely gorgeous view! Finally made it after taking the long way round!
The tin is a fantastic idea – love it!
Thank-you Martin Schofield for recommending this walk!!
We will be coming back x

Anne & Rod Philpott
It’s Rod’s 48th birthday today. What a lovely way to spend it walking in the Lakes.
Must dash soon, as a rain band is chasing up Coniston water!!
Back soon.

19.45 10/5/09
An evening fell run to the top without stopping. Stunning views as always. Someone left the short walks guide on the cairn – so if you are a visitor help yourself
Mike & Jess

11th May 2009 about 6pm
Jona & Kirsten
Sitting on the sheltered side of the cairn – blooming windy but beautiful sunshiney haze. Resisting the twix’s in the tin is difficult
Knew I should’ve brought the vino to go with our still warm jackets. Xxx

Greg, Nic, Molly & Sam Kawely
Lovely lunch at the tarn.
Blown the cobwebs away.
Great view. What a surprise, found by Molly! Never found a treasure chest but had heard of them!

Monday, 4 May 2009


1 May 2009
Great to be back even though it’s raining!
Michael Elcock & Dexter (FCR)
Check out the Beacon fell blog!
Old log books 2-7 are at LAKE BANK, WATER YEAT.
Extracts are on the blog!
Books 1 & 8 are missing.

2nd May 2009
We came up here especially to find the treasure tin, after seeing it on the Striding Edge website. Our border collie also wanted to meet Casper – no luck today! We enjoyed the climb & the views. Love,
Holly Chris Tim & Josie

Sunday 3rd May
Spectacular views after the wind had blown the clouds and kids away. Matthew wouldn’t part with his Doctor Who badge (even though he has two exactly the same). So we put in his lolly while he wasn’t looking.
Great idea, we found a similar tin near Alcock Tarn – Grasmere a few weeks ago. It is an opening fro the stream at the front edge of the tarn.
Ste, Keren, Sam & Matt Szelesi

Monday 4th May
Very windy!
But we made it and good to see the tin back. I missed it last time... Can’t see the fells for the clouds, so the map in the back is handy.
Val & Rob

Monday, 27 April 2009


25th April 2009 5.45pm
John Thorn & Jane Booth celebrating Jame’s birthday this week. This is the perfect little mini mountain – such views and so calm.

David, Nicky & Tom Wilson
Remembering Will & 01/01/06 – as always xx

Jim, Jen, John and Sarah (+bump) and Poppy
A good start to our walking holiday – great views

Friday, 24 April 2009


24 4 09 8pm
John Norman

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


15th April 2009
Sean, Connie & Casper McMahon
Warm but windy up here today.
Hope you enjoy the new treasure chest.
Check out the latest walks on

John (Grandad), Zara, Laura
Brill idea for the Log Book, great view!

Saturday, 31 January 2009

January 2009

Jan 03 09
The Ashleys are back with a new addition Brogan's boyfriend Jack. Boston enjoyed the walk again.
Happy New Year everyone.

Jan 3 '09
Val & Corel, enjoyed v cold winter walk - fascinated by frozen tarn & stunning sunshine.

Jan 3/09 4.30pm
The Ainsleys and Clive, cold night going back to have a fire and a portable BBQ.
Debating about where Old Man is!
Goodnight everyone xx
Chris, Dom, Jason, Clive

Ho to y'all!
How R U? Wats up?
It is a really nice walk!
xx Sophie