Monday, 4 May 2009


1 May 2009
Great to be back even though it’s raining!
Michael Elcock & Dexter (FCR)
Check out the Beacon fell blog!
Old log books 2-7 are at LAKE BANK, WATER YEAT.
Extracts are on the blog!
Books 1 & 8 are missing.

2nd May 2009
We came up here especially to find the treasure tin, after seeing it on the Striding Edge website. Our border collie also wanted to meet Casper – no luck today! We enjoyed the climb & the views. Love,
Holly Chris Tim & Josie

Sunday 3rd May
Spectacular views after the wind had blown the clouds and kids away. Matthew wouldn’t part with his Doctor Who badge (even though he has two exactly the same). So we put in his lolly while he wasn’t looking.
Great idea, we found a similar tin near Alcock Tarn – Grasmere a few weeks ago. It is an opening fro the stream at the front edge of the tarn.
Ste, Keren, Sam & Matt Szelesi

Monday 4th May
Very windy!
But we made it and good to see the tin back. I missed it last time... Can’t see the fells for the clouds, so the map in the back is handy.
Val & Rob

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