Sunday, 31 May 2009


Josie & Doug 17/05/09
All the way from Cape Town – SA. Lake District has welcomed us in style with what it does best – rain!
But wonderful to be here, out running on the fells!

Roy & Ian Phillips
Made it to the top through the rain & wind. A very good walk.
Enjoy your curly-wurly’s

19 May 09
Mark Valentine & the dogs
Lovely walk with great views of the lake and mountains.
Hope youe walk is just as enjoyable.

21st May ’09 (year of the recession)!!!
‘The true antidote to greed is contentment.’
Dali Lama

21st May MMIX
Sublime view north to the rest of the fells. Pefect day for a walk.
Joe Hune

The cloud is just on the mountain tops with the sun shining on ours.
We think this is one of the best views in the lake district.
Love finding this little treasure tin. Cheers
Claire, Mike, Arran & May Tomes

If you fancy another adventure maybe canoeing on the lake below (Coniston) or gorge walking up one of the gills or abseiling down the cliffs at Cathedral Quarry near Little Langdale. We specialise in families and small gps for just £40 for a half day session.
Call Amanda or Beth on 015395 31116
Happy adventures
Mike Tomes

Alice said it was good fun & she even managed to get her Granny up here (65 yrs in Armani’s!)
James P Yo!
Alice P Yo!

Made the hill in good time, great views all round.
Sam fell in the bog on way up so had to jump in the tarn.
Love from Sam, Steve, Tracey and Aslam the dog

Beautiful views all round, cool breeze.
Can recommend (go back a couple of pages)
Gordon & Sheila

Hello, my name is Ben Cross. I’m thirteen!
This is a nice walk but it’s going to be hard getting down.
Have a good walk
Ben Cross

25 May 09
My name is Cerys and I am 6 years old. This was my second mountain I have climbed. I came with 8 other people.

Jack, Bro, Isla, Niamh, Ian, Dee, Ron, Paul, Cath, Jorden
We love Cumbria. Just been eaten by leeches in the tarn! Wooo!

My lovely wife & I enjoyed this wonderful view many times. How I wish she were here with me today.
Ron McCol

Love Cumbria tis cool, started about 2 hours ago, cut my leg at the start “ouch!” Just swam in the tarn, it was freezing! Had fun though woopee!

We went swimming in the tarn in are underwear! We will never forget it! X

We come here every year, we will never stop coming here. We miss Nan but we have great memories of her

A lovely day on the summit. I’ve seen two tiger butterflies. It’s really clear up here and can see for miles.
Joseph R

26 May 09
We came here on my 49th birthday! Missed the rain, views great. Wonderful to be out.
Have fun,
Jan & Matt

Very wet & windy.
Can’t see more than 10 yds.
Great! Ha ha
Gaz Fine

28 May 2009
Captain Flint ascended Beacon Hill
Ably assisted by Titty Walker
Benedict McConnell was here!
The four of us made it!
Yasuko, Katie-Sai, Paul & Benedict

We are surrounded by heaven on earth. A beautiful day & a worthwhile walk. Fabulous! Thank you for this book, we will be back!
Christine, David, Paul & Gill

Perfect spot to celebrate a birthday (59 years)!
Andrea & Gordon 29/5/09

Wish I’d listened more at school, as I would have liked to have written some lovely poetry!!! Hey ho!
Can’t think of anywhere else in the world I’d rather be right now!
Dawn & Kimmi Dog

Sunday 31st May 2009
Justin, Carina, Rosie (7) and Tom (2) from Wolverhampton
Your website is a great inspiration along with Wainwright’s books. I think about the fells every day!
Rosie was very excited about finding the tin, she thought Connie might be up here too! She scoffed the curly-wurly and replaced it with hula-hoops. Fine mountain food!

Dear Connie
I am 7 and love your shop and wish we could go on a walk together. I have done 34 Wainwrights, my favourites are Haystacks and Catbells.
Love Rosie Whiting x

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