Sunday, 31 August 2008

7-13 August 2008

Come up to spy on Wild Cat Island & Kanchenjunga through our new binolculars. The rain is going to chase us down any minute.
Anna, Paul & Archie

8/8/08 10am
Here we are again, our favourite spot for the last 50 years. Spectacular day, brilliant views as ever.
Pat & Doug Moors
Chorleywood Herts

08.08.08 11.50
A lovely day, plenty of people about. Saw our next door neighbours across the tarn, on their last leg of the Cumbria Way. Stunning views. This is one of the walks we did when our children were young & now we're coming back to the lower fells again.
T & J Barrow

Ben Hallam, Nic Hallam, Elis Hallam, May Hallam
6 year old Ben and 4 year old May walked brilliantly all the way to "The Top of The World". Stunning view!

Siggi Heucher (Germany)
Nurethin Juran (Turkey)
Came here for a swim, as we do every year and has a little work to admire the stunning views. We love it, that's holidays!!!

First trip here to Beacon Fell. Weather glorious - views amazing!
Frank, Margaret, Liam (16), Ewan (13) & Mai (14 months) McGregor from Stoke-on-Trent

Friday 8th August 3.55pm
Stephen & Catherine Atkinson decided to camp near here & walk the lower fells South of L. District. All the 'big chunks' you see in front of you we have walked. Now it is time for a different view. Taken photos 360o Absolutely FANTASTIC. I still love the "big chunks" though. Another 5 days to walk these beautiful hills of yours. A really lovely idea to share our moments with you. Thank you from C & S from Carlisle.

10th August 2008
Stopped raining for ~1 hour.
.... but it's just started again.

Very windy, stopped raining, sun out a bit, lovely walk up here, Rolfie had a swim in the tarn (border collie), not warm enough for me, partner says.
I'm a wimp, might do a skinny dip in Coniston, then again might not.
Lovely up here, can't believe the fantastic views, thought Peak District was great, but this is something else.
Happy walking everybody, all the best,
Shelagh, John & Rolfie
Belper, Derbyshire

11/8/8 1600
The hills are alive!
The sky is blue(ish)!
The wind is a friend.
Loving the weather and pleased we are here.
We just saw Peter Rabbit.
Stunning place.
Tristan & Emily
from NZ

11/8/08 4pm
A lovely idea to have this diary. Thought we were being naughty and reading someone's diary.
This afternoon was the first break in the weather on our rather wet 4 day camping trip. Lovely to be able to get out into the fresh air. Beautiful place.

Sam & Stan (Border terrier) out for an evening run. NO rain, beautiful night.
I didn't smoke this fag.

Checking out my route for next wk, the purple blanket has been so beautiful this morning. I guess all the rain has added extra vibrance.
See you next week, Emma Hoving

13th August 2008
Weather: 12.30pm
Bright in the south, clouds rolling in from N/West.
No rain YET!!
Been here before, love it.
Good area for Adders if the sun comes out.
Hope you have a good day.
George, John, Ben & Ryan

22-31 August 2008

My name is Eleanor and I am on the top. My writing is iffy because it's windy, VERY windy. I am on my holidays and am living at Brantside, just up from the Sun Hotel.
I am only 9 and we have just done our weekly walk. My mum put some chapstic in the geocaching box.
x x x x

Hello! We are the Smiths! We have wandered all over this hill using the wrong paths, but finally got here.
It is very windy and my hair is like a bird's nest.
View is fantastic (but then you already know that).

If you are reading this I am already dead. The grey fox did not meet me and the transfer could not occur. We must flee or project flyswatter will go awry!

Hello! My mum and I have reached the top in an hour! Lovely weather and views. We are looking down towards the Lake where the rest of the family are swimming!
Happy walking.

Hello my name Jasmine and my sister Cerys have come on holiday with my mum & dad & grandma. Having a great time. Hope you do too. See at the bottom for a beer!

Tony, Lywena & Tom.
It's a lot warmer than when we were up here at New Year - the wind would cut you in two!

The say...
On a clear day you can see forever.
Today I see rock, water & grass.
Life is rich!

Hi. I'm Stephen and I found this without a clever gadget.

Got lost on the hill and terrific view! More paths than people.
Clare & Catherine Blake

Very pleased to be here again at 71. You wonder if it is the last time. Hips and knees are not what they use to be.
Such stunning views and tranquillity

We were here six weeks ago, the dogs and I. They know the way better than me. What a place, they love it. I hope it is not the last time.
Peter, Zara & Zeta (the dogs)
from Gliniger, Lancs

Sam & Stan, Coniston
Afternoon run wet again!

14-22 August 2008

Thursday 14th August 2008
Reached summit at 11:47am, having started at 9:40am at Bank End.
Andrew Anderson (Dad)
Callum Anderson (11y.o. & very wet)
Patrick Anderson (9y.o. & grumpy)

August 14th
Arrived at 3-30 after blustery walk upwards.
Rain all week but afternoons fine.
Knees hurting.
Sue & Ed
Lionel & Gaynor
All over 50!

Just been for a swim in Beacon - 8.30pm - float around the middle & gaze at Old Man - feel like I could float up into sky.

Aug 15th '08
Dry day at last. Ate bilberries on the way up. Thought the deer would have eaten them all.
Ineka, Rae & Kathy
Cape Town & Bowness

Arrived 4pm windy as ever on top but sun shining and dryer under foot than expected.
Peter & Pippa
Lake Bank

15 August 2008 - 6.15pm
Oops, don't even remember the date! I usually don't like heights but this is awesome! The English countryside is so breathtaking green & snug!
Peter & Moya Fox
Bowen, Nth Queensland

Sun 17th Aug 08 14.25
Doing a round of Beacon Fell with A Wainwright - very wet, a bit windy, cloud quite low on surrounding fells.
Keith & Bev Cromack

Visited with Pontarddulais Walking Club. Great views.
Petals 143

con mucho carino de unos espanolas

Colin Sears Wednesday Walking Club (BAE)
Dave M

Woodman family climbed up in 1½hrs-ish.
I got up first :p

21/08/08 (1700hrs)
THE SMITH FAMILY (Heather, Peter, Oliver, Daniel & Patrick)
What a beautiful view looking north from summit.
The first 'dry' day in the Lakes this week. Oh well!!

22nd August 2008
Ian, Julia, Alison and David Jackson
Up in sunshine, lovely after so much rain. A good walk up from Cockenskell, contemplating a dip in the tarn on the way back.

Good guide walk - lovely views.

22/8/08 13.25pm
Ray, Jill, Karen, Chris, Mike & Ian
Up in dry weather & some sun. Great view of Lake & Fells

Kevin, Lynn, Sam, Frances & Molly the dog.
We have done a circular walk from Park Coppice Caravan Park in Coniston. Fantastic weather today. What fabulous views of the lake.
written by Frances age 13
from Rushden Northants

2-7 August 2008

2nd August 2008
It's always great here - lovely views today, heather beautiful in the bright sunlight.
This time last week we (Andrew, Pennie, Emma & Lucy) were walking across Morecambe Bay for CWT, nice to look down on it now.
Sitting listening to cricket Eng v S Africa - we need a wicket!
Take care
A & P - Broughton

2nd August 2008
This is the first lakeland fell we have climbed. Weather is lovely, lots of nice views!
Alasdair, Elizabeth, Peter and Giles

Very nice wether. It has very nice lacks. Weve seen a Dung Beetle and weve had lots of sourd fites with stiks. Taken lots of fotose weth our camres.
Riten by Elizabeth Marchant
2 August 2008

Sunday 2nd or 3rd August 2008
Hello Treasure Box.
How nice to find you at the top of this lovely hill.
Blue skies, fluffy clouds, very good visibility.
And a great companion to share it with...
Joseph Peace (Manchester)
"You've got to squeeze life to get the juice out"

Sunday 3rd August 2008
G'day treasure box!!
I've come all the way from Adelaide, Australia to one of the most beautiful panoramas I've seen. Everything is so green!
I'm particlarly fond of the yachts on the lake, they glide so gracefully, and the fluffy clouds that pass overhead.
Perhaps I will come back some day so don't go away.
xx Tsubi Du

Sunday 3rd August 18.51
What a great idea, having a treasure box at the top of this gorgeous little fell. It's lovely to be back.
Beautiful evening, fantastic views.
Sheila & Steve
Currently exiled to Wiltshire (someone has to work there)

Monday 4th August 2008
This is a great idea!
We have walked many walks and this is the first treasure box I have seen.
Hope this book gets full with many more lovely comments,
See you again soon.
Hannah, Richard & Chris from Ealing, London xxxxxxxx

Monday 4th August 2008
The box is great!
We love the view it's really pretty. Beacon Tarn was lovely.

Pete O'Brien 05.08.08
Severalth visit to this point. Grey, some rain, great view. Here with wife Ruth & friends Mike & Rory

Wow, wow, wow! It is so tiring but wow!

It was great!!

- worth all the huffing and puffing!! Views amazing. Found in A. Wainwright's 1974 book dedicated to the Old Timers on the fells!
Wonderful idea being able to share it with kindred spirits.
Trevor & Sam Townsend x

6/8/08 pm
Warm & humid. Ols Man got his head in the clouds but otherwise great hazy views.
This is the umpteenth time I've been up here but never get tired of it. Must try and remember the address of the blog.
Maggi, Pat & Dozey Rosie with the brown nosey (English Setter)

7/8/08 10.45am
Here again - can't keep away. Saw some campers on the way up - hope they make it!
Better weather than forecast - usually the case here.
Mike Elcock & Dexter

7.8.08 12.45pm
Our first visit to this spot - stunned by the view.
Gill, Robert & Mathew Beagent
Sue & Paul Gentle
or "Team GB"