Sunday, 31 August 2008

22-31 August 2008

My name is Eleanor and I am on the top. My writing is iffy because it's windy, VERY windy. I am on my holidays and am living at Brantside, just up from the Sun Hotel.
I am only 9 and we have just done our weekly walk. My mum put some chapstic in the geocaching box.
x x x x

Hello! We are the Smiths! We have wandered all over this hill using the wrong paths, but finally got here.
It is very windy and my hair is like a bird's nest.
View is fantastic (but then you already know that).

If you are reading this I am already dead. The grey fox did not meet me and the transfer could not occur. We must flee or project flyswatter will go awry!

Hello! My mum and I have reached the top in an hour! Lovely weather and views. We are looking down towards the Lake where the rest of the family are swimming!
Happy walking.

Hello my name Jasmine and my sister Cerys have come on holiday with my mum & dad & grandma. Having a great time. Hope you do too. See at the bottom for a beer!

Tony, Lywena & Tom.
It's a lot warmer than when we were up here at New Year - the wind would cut you in two!

The say...
On a clear day you can see forever.
Today I see rock, water & grass.
Life is rich!

Hi. I'm Stephen and I found this without a clever gadget.

Got lost on the hill and terrific view! More paths than people.
Clare & Catherine Blake

Very pleased to be here again at 71. You wonder if it is the last time. Hips and knees are not what they use to be.
Such stunning views and tranquillity

We were here six weeks ago, the dogs and I. They know the way better than me. What a place, they love it. I hope it is not the last time.
Peter, Zara & Zeta (the dogs)
from Gliniger, Lancs

Sam & Stan, Coniston
Afternoon run wet again!

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