Thursday, 30 September 2010

April - Sep 2010 (Geocaches)

Great walk to this cache. Great views. Very quiet.
T4TC Bog Bears

M & M
Took steep route!
Very hot.
TN Left Blackpool gc marbles

Colly is lost.

DFG Leeds
Took coin left TB
Lovely day, lovely views.

Up here yesterday, returned today to try to sort out the confusion. Today found the ammo box within 10 feet of yesterday's tupperware. As the cache owner suggested that was an old summit log & box, dating Aug 08 to Jan 09 (book 8). Unfortunately during 2010 5 geocaches (inc myself) signed it thinking they had the real cache box. I will e-mail them when I get home with the bad news. I moved the contents into the ammo box. I shall post the logbook to the rightful owner when back in Leeds.

September 2010

Steve MG & Bingleyman2 (Terry) enjoyed a lovely hot afternoon up here.

Matt and Rach had a very warm afternoon! Shame the other book went. We wanted to see Rach’s parents’ comment from a week ago – apparently very rude!

Brilliant views. Love the treasure box - great idea – Billy & Linda (Sunderland)
Hope no-one needs the plasters, wipes, etc.

3/9/10 7.05am
Views stunning as ever, Beacon never fails to impress whatever the weather or time of day. 6th time up and still love it!
John C Rochdale

3/9/10 11.30am Still bright & sunny. Superb quiet spot
John P Sutton Coldfield

HF party 11.25am
Fantastic weather, stunning views. Can see our route back to Monk Coniston and routes taken by others on the Old Man!

Beautiful day, weather perfect. Glad to see we’ve got a new box. Just had our snack – tempted by the biscuits in box but resisted.
Tony & Pam, Sasha (dog), Lowick

3-9-2010 14-10
Rosalind & Bob Mitchell
We have seen sundew & butterwort!

3/9 Jerry & Boady going for another swim now.

3/9 M Craven

4/9/2010 11.25am
Jamet & Steve Cottrell from Radcliffe, Bury
Would not have seen this lovely view if the Great North Swim hadn’t been cancelled. What luck! Great place, will come again x

4/9/10 1.20pm
David & Nicky Wilson with Chetser & Oscar
Lovely day – special place for us. Thinking of Will as always xx
PS Hi Jona & co if you make it up here!!x

4/9/10 3.40pm
Amy & Tonwen
Love this idea, almost as good as thinking we may have come across a stash of money, but who needs it with views like this.
The heather almost brings a tear to my eye – ode to Tabitta

I’m sat here with my dogs and my dogs alone.
No one else anywhere. Can just hear the cars in the distance and little spots of rain as they land on the tin box lid. Time for dinner.
Jon Paul

5.9.10 1pm
Laura & Gordon Angel from Barnard Castle
It’s Sunday – but who needs a church when this is here –
Hope someone may find a use for this elastic band
Super idea!!!
Thinking of our boys Graham and Malcolm

Helen, Steven and 2 girls Alex, 7 and Charlotte, 3 have climbed up at last. Enjoying the view. Can see the island on Coniston we rowed to on Friday. Back to Oldham tomorrow. Yuk!

Eddie, Richard and Thomas (3 generations, 65, 38 & 11!)
Lovely day, stunning views, one of our favourite places. Hope you enjoy the Kendal Mint Cake!
Not seen another soul all day, tranquil and beautiful!

Sean, Casper & Dougal from WWW.STRIDINGEDGE.NET
Cloudy at the mo’ – looks like it will clear eventually. – It did
Check out today’s walk on the website (Left a StridingEdge band – how long will it last?) – not long !

8/9/10 1215
Sunny, cloudy, excellent views from the summit. Lovely walk, fantastic weather & couldn’t have wished for a better morning walk.
Have left some Fisherman’s Friends in the box! Enjoy,
Neil & Jane, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Blow me down
& bless my socks!
A bright blue, magic

What fun!
Well done!

Best wishes from
Poet & Children’s Writer
Tony Mitton
See me at:

8.9.10 from Ulverston –
Lovely day for walking
Pat & Linda Bentley & 3 dogs, enjoyed the climb, loved the box, enjoyed the fisherman’;s friend.

Took the bus from Coniston to Water Yeat, now meandering back. Our first visit to this area. Wonderful views, interesting walkers.
R & J Stirrat, Cupar Fife

Lovely sunny day.
Came up for the geo-cache so this box was a bonus!
DFG Leeds

Steve & Molly (the dog)
Beautiful & peaceful. Many thanks to God for the wonder of creation.

11/9 Stable Harvey – Cumbrian Way to Beacon Tarn – ascend to Beacon Fell and down ridge. A lovely Wainwright “geriatric” walk. A truly lovely day with magnificent views in good weather.
Barrie Hinkman & Peter Forman Burgess Hill, Sussex

Great view but rain clouds scudding across the hills towards us. Good walk up past tarn from Brown Howe. Route somewhat changed from grandma’s 1987 guide. And no sign of Nancy & Peggy!!!!
Kim, Ro, Pete & Val Hunnam from Australia!!

12/9/10 Ruth, Peter Langrit
Wow what a view. Our first tarn – a little different to Somerset.

14/9/10 Kirsten of Ulverston
Started day with ?/tango & sunshine By eck!
It’s windy up here today but always a pleasure. Ooh burst of sunshine!

14/9/10 Sarah Adams & 9½ month old Jack from Dover.
Stunning walk – bad hair day now!

15 Sept 2010-11-17 Griffiths – Hunts from Australia – Great views, lovely walk, except for the trail bikes.

Taylor – Crawford (Carlisle) A surprise walk with great views

Sean Wannop Lancaster
Nice walk after work

Terry Anne Hayes Manchester
Great views lovely walk (great website) 18/9/10

18/9/10 3.25pm
Gill Garry McDermott
Lyn Mick Benton
& Yan – Blaze (dogs) West Midlands
Walked from Water Yeat. What a view, weather OK. Where’s the toilet?

Great Rodney Room
Spin Workout

In 19 years walking from Torver Common to Beacon Tarn and upwards we’ve never seen another soul at the top of Beacon Fell – so surprised to see the Blue Box. Isn’t it a wonderful place!
Judy – Edgware
Tony – North Shields

What a glorious view, superb picnic spot, enjoying the chocolate tiffin. The box is a great idea, enjoy the “KitKat”.
J & G & Coco

Thank you for the kitkat. We couldn’t replace it with anything unfortunately. Much appreciated. What a brill idea.
Lorrie, Manuela & Steve (Leeds, Yorkshire)

Glorious view today. Where else in the world would you want to be.
Keith & Frances

First summit in the lake district after breaking my femur snowboarding in Feb. Beautiful September day!

Hard work for a 7 year old!
Love Isobel x

Hope you like the chocolate bars we left. I would like to have eaten them myself!
25.9.10 Kay Dixon

Had a very nice day, nice views, nice place.

“Hello!” to whoever reads this. We have a beautiful sunny view today. Back to London tomorrow – ah well. Thank you Lake District.
Amy, Al, Ross

Cloudy ‘n draughty but stunning views as ever. Going back home to Hull now, but will be back soon.
Gillian & Maggs & Dozey Rosie the dog

28/9/10 Still cloudy with rain on way. First time two old gits from Hawkshead discovering Outlying Fells - tempus fugit.
Dr Chris Blackburn & Martin Tovey

30th Sept 2010
Leeds Met PG1
Residential week!
Fab views xxx

Sorry we ate the sweets xxx
PS The Kendal Mint Cake was nice xxx