Monday, 11 May 2009


9th May 2009
James & Emily & Robert Holden
Very winbdy!
All the best to Connie and Casper

10th May 2009
Amy Hammond
Amy’s 10th birthday. It’s a nice day. Glad I found the treasure chest.
Love Amy 10 tomorrow
Love your shop!

Jo McDonagh & Mrs Carol Susan
Nice day for it.
Love the view!

14.05 10/5/9
Victoria Baxter & Matthew Archer
Absolutely gorgeous view! Finally made it after taking the long way round!
The tin is a fantastic idea – love it!
Thank-you Martin Schofield for recommending this walk!!
We will be coming back x

Anne & Rod Philpott
It’s Rod’s 48th birthday today. What a lovely way to spend it walking in the Lakes.
Must dash soon, as a rain band is chasing up Coniston water!!
Back soon.

19.45 10/5/09
An evening fell run to the top without stopping. Stunning views as always. Someone left the short walks guide on the cairn – so if you are a visitor help yourself
Mike & Jess

11th May 2009 about 6pm
Jona & Kirsten
Sitting on the sheltered side of the cairn – blooming windy but beautiful sunshiney haze. Resisting the twix’s in the tin is difficult
Knew I should’ve brought the vino to go with our still warm jackets. Xxx

Greg, Nic, Molly & Sam Kawely
Lovely lunch at the tarn.
Blown the cobwebs away.
Great view. What a surprise, found by Molly! Never found a treasure chest but had heard of them!

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