Monday, 20 July 2009


11th July
Lovely to be back here again. Wonderful walk at the end of a lovely week.
Ian and Julia Jackson

Karen & Graham Proctor
Bringing the 2 Gremlins next time.

Jonah 9 had a nice swim in the tarn. Hope to come back.
This is an awesome book. Rock on.
MJ lives!

3 geocaching twerps, Ninja Pirate, Windywalkers & Donaldrinho stumbled upon this fine summit after a day’s slavery at Royal Mail. The cosmopolitan nature of the visitors has thus been further enhanced by the addition of 2 of us from Dalton-in-Furness & the other slag heap (Windy) from Barrow. The only disappointment was that there are no cookies left.

Tina & Charlie Chatburn with our friend Chris & Terry – nearly got blown away – but a great walk. Thanks Chris. I’m sure we will return!

Woo Hoo made it to the windy top, for a deserved treat of millionaires shortbread. Mmm 
Mike, Sheen & Lorna

Best place in the world!
Eirwen & John Coe

Eve I had a great swim with my brother Jonah it is great but long
I will be back ha ha ha!

Hi! Future reader of this scawesome (scarily awesome) book!
This walk is good but too uphill for my taste!!! My brother and sister Jonah & Eve went in the lake but i didn’t want to because of the frog beast. The native monster of this tarn. It is 5x the size of a normal toad and has 2 inch long fangs that will kill you from the venom on them. But they are scared of the colour blue so wear blue if you’re swimming because even though they live at the deepest part of the tarn they are very good jumpers!!!
Hope you enjoy the rest of your walk be careful not to get stuck in the bog and remember to tell your friends and people you know about the legend of the frog beast so it will live on in the memory of your knowledge!
Peace out dudes!!
Live a long happy life!
Be awesome!
Megan Myers 2/2/95
N Ireland but native to Bristol

This walk rules
Andrew B (Ulverston)
It’s very windy!
Lexi Brockbank (Ulverston)

Tim Price & Linda Bentley
Linda got up here with ease. Tim another story.
Have a fag on me

From HF Monk Coniston

Visitors from Washington DC
Katie & Kathleen

Training for my trek in Nepal for the Prince’s trust – it’s fabulous up here!
Frances Padall

19 July 2009 I’m training for Nepal too! Fabulous week in beautiful scenery.
Sandra R Lawes

19 July 2009 Lovely day, fair weather cumulus and a cooling breeze. So peaceful up here, just the sound of bees buzzing and wind in the grass.
Rob & Gill
From Cambridge, England

Bob, Daphne, Tom
Lovely views, day –
locals from Rampside - Barrow

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