Thursday, 9 July 2009


Beautiful sunny day. Came up from Crake Valley camp site. The birds have been serenading us the whole way. Paddles in the tarn. What a wonderful world.
Jo & William

4th July 2009
“I’m gonna be a Star!”
Lovely view on a lovely day.
Mark & fellow stags.
I’m with him! And thanks for the lollie-pop!
David Rushmer
I’m with him
Tim E
He’s with me.

4 July
Dave & Eleanor Sheffield
Lovely day & view (at present! – might rain).

4/7/09 David, Carol & Kelly Knowles & Jetty the dog
(from Cleveleys, Lancs)
A lovely walk for Kelly’s birthday!

Grandad, Grandma, Mum (with bump) & Daf & Wispa (Choc Lab).
Great walk, great view – hungry dog! Could sit here all day?
The Rigbye’s, Wigan

Keswick Ramblers B Group was ‘ere

4th July
Just parked our spaceship on the landing ground here. Are staying for the weekend then going back to Mars.

6th July 2009
Fantastic view!!
Lovely walking, nice and steady.
Sorry I just missed the spaceship!!
Elaine, Richard & Dodge dog

5th July 2009
Glad to be on top of the Beacon again after nearly a year not being able to fell walk.
Weather warm and humid.
Yvonne & Ronnie Williams

5th July 2009
Rod & Dave
A small prayer for John Clifford of Paisley – who has cancer.

7th July ‘09
Dad, Sue, Helen & Ross (and Tess the black fell terrier) having gingerbread & tea, thoughts of Mum resting peacefully over on White Pike.
Good to be here.

8th July 2009 11.35am
John & Mary Needham
Dray day, little overcast. Enjoyable walk.
Hope this is kept up.
(Kirkby-in-Ashfield – Notts)

8th July
Jonathan Edwards & Kath Pickhall 12.40
Fine, overcast – 2 people only at tarn.
We are going to Coniston via Torver Tarn & paths onwards.

Worth flying economy from Australia for this view alone. That Kirsten A Taylor is with us makes it all the more perfect. Where’s the pub?
Jodie & Steffen Pfarr
(formerly Ulverston)
July 8, 2009

I am lucky to be here with my special peeps Jodie & Steffy (but Jona had to work)
Windy but sun pokes thru. Salvones tonight with the Evening Mail posse. Can’t wait. Kirsten & Miriam are married & all is well with the world. Nibbles next? 3 Shires?
Kirsten A Taylor 8th July 2009

Barrow Ramblers Thurday evening walk led by Alan Parker. Pat Pudsey’s first walk since breaking her ankle. Black clouds above but lovely sunset developing.

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