Saturday, 26 September 2009


Chris Bird & Meg (dog)
Appleby in Westmorland
Lovely place, look forward to seeing you on the next striding edge walk!
Enjoy the treats.

Cloudy but warm
All downhill from here
Chris, Karen, Harry Flower

19/9/09 16:15
Love the views
Patrick, Charlie, Kitty & Martha have walked brilliantly today – well done!

Sun 20/9/09
Beautiful morning, wonderful views. Thanks, Sean, for the idea to do this one – a nice change from cloudy tops with no views!
John Atherton

Beautiful sunny early autumn – late summer day.
Uncle Mickey & Jacqueline
Beautiful views and Aunty Pat would of loved it and Sez.
Loads of love
Jacqui & Mickey xxx

Cloudy but beautiful as usual....

It was hard work klyming the mountain
Signed Kim Gent

It was hard work climbing up the mountain and I got water in my boots
Signed Olivia

I loved the games exspeshelli hide and seek.
It was fair good. I loved the games espelly the 2nd game.
Brown Pike Team from Water Park 

It was so fun I loved the view and all the lake
from Wetherlam Team Water Park

Bracing weather, almost scuppered by the bogs, but we made it. Fab views worth it!
Hayley, Nadine and Kate – twins on the march!
Sarah (the other twin) will be back next year!

Cloudy, breezy but great!!

Having a lovely day with spectacular sunrise
Enjoy DUDE68
PS A great summit for a wild camp – try it!

Beautiful morning and back again for the quiet and the views.

Fantastic hike!
Wonderful view
The Canadian Team

26th Sept 09
Louise Ambleside
A great day of sunshine and light winds, clear skies and views – very autumnal. Enjoyed a few minutes utter peace & quiet at Beacon Tarn – coffee time! Fells busy. Had a very close encounter with slow worm on path from electricity pylons to southern end of tarn – it wasn’t so slow to get away!

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