Monday, 15 June 2009


14th June 2009
Pat’s 70th birthday
Steph, Mark & Paul
Placed a rock for Pat who did not make it up the hill. X

Thurs 11th June
Dark clouds to the North but we’re looking S. & E. at the sun on the sea, sheltered from the wind. Lovely lakes day!
Jim & Angela

Love the tin – first time ever have seen ? (partner) put something in!
If you’re up here with Neave – don’t forget to carry her back down.

Saturday 13th June 09
The view is worth the climb.
A sunny day enhances the view.
Jen & Ruth Read Perth W Australia
The majestic views are exhilarating and majestic or rather awesome.
Lyn and Geoff Sach Perth W Australia
Welcomed by Painted Lady
Peter Wardle, Lake Bank

14th June Sunday 12.30
Kate, Ali, Jen & Lin, Beulah, Keeper & Fin
Hooray – made it to the top – lovely hot sunshine & good breeze. Boats look lovely on the lake & so do all the fells. Beacon Tarn will be good for the dogs and all their mud.

14th June ‘09
On top of the world!
Ben (5) & Anna (3) with Mummy, Daddy, Pa Pa and Gran, and Auntie Luci – with 3 doggies!

So nice to be retired.
Walter Wall

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