Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Came up here with dogs & family. A bit windy but gorgeous view. Food is going off. Nothing to leave but a note. Arrgghh smelly dog on the loose. Wanted the poiund to buy tea (yum) but mum wouldn’t let me.
& Anne & Pete
Mac, Doug (dogs)

Annie, Kirsty, Holly & Dom on Kilimanjaro practice. HA HA!
Just beautiful!!
But very windy.
Loving the little treasure box!

16-8-10 06:13
Just bivvied out at Beacon Tarn. Lay back and watched the most superb ‘planetarium’ unfold as the last rays of the sun disappeared... Now, mist hangs in the valleys clinging to the lake like a blanket! I am in awe! ...back to the tarn for tea, bacon and eggs!
Phil, Lucy and Charlie Okeden

16-8-10 13.30
Camping at Birch Bank Farm, have walked up Little & Great Burney & just kept on Cumbria Way. “Shall we go up to the Beacon again?” “Yes.” 2nd time up here, a wonderful sight & so lovely to see the box & fill it in again.
Catherine & Stephen Atkinson
Thank you for leaving the little blue treasure box.

16/8/10 6pm
Missed the crowds! & enjoying the peace & quiet - apart from breeze & twittering wheatears – much the same view for last 60 yrs!
Yes – I’m now a ‘pensioner’! - & have been climbing Beacon Fell nearly all my life! Lovely as ever – the view!!
June – Spark Bridge

17/8/10 Polly Okeden
Woo! We made it to the top!! Just had a little but helpful climb and about to swim in the tarn!!
Rest in Peace Betty (spaniel) xxx
Final resting place for Betty, our faithful spaniel – cast on the winds – gone to the big cheese in the sky!! We love you Betty.

Came up to watch the sunset – 30 minutes of storming to the top & the cloud came down and hid the sun! Ate some bilberries & had some tea. Still a lovely view. Great to be at the top of the hill we have been watching from the barn all week!
Ruth, Steve & Emma (6)

I came to watch the sunset and ate some bilberries but had strong winds. (We left a tracker bar.)
Love Emma 6

18/8/10 2pm
Mixed weather – cloudy then sunny, bit breezy, fantastic views.
Beats working for a living!!
Left a Mars Bar for the next hungry soul (or dog)!!
Steven & Eileen Davidson
Hexham, Northumberland

18/8/10 2.20
Same as previous as we are only 20 mins on their tail.
Nice Mars bar – thanks.
Just kidding 
We made it.
Mick, Sam, Dan (9) & Amy (6) French xx

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