Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Harry age 5
Mummy (Martha) age ?
Daddy (Mark) age too old
Willow (dog) age 7
Bryony (dog) age 3
What a windy day.
Harry’s first Lakeland mountain! (and Bryony’s!)

What a GLORIOUS View!
First time have ever been to the Lake District. Doing Cumbria Walk with 3 “friends” and his dad. Already walked 12 miles, 50 more to go. 20 pound bags on our back, me shoulders are killing me!
Gonna go for a swim in Coniston Lake.
We are Belper residents.
Jack Snell, Bob Pygott, Ryan Drenza, Jack Whittaker and Erik Jon Drenza!!!

1st day on our walk of “The Cumbria Way”. Beautiful views, can’t wait to get to the Black Bull for a pint.
Carlisle in 4 days!
Can’t wait to see my girlfriend!
Scott from Barrow

4-8-10 2.45pm
Great views!
Love the treasure box, have re-supplied & hope you enjoy.
The Evans family (Cambridge)
PS Can see the rain coming.

Why is there rubbish in the treasure box. Very windy and the tarn is pretty. Do not walk any further because the next tarn is a waste of time. Do not eat the crisps they are stale. Rubbish treasure box. Why is the book pink. Rains all the time.
Joe Taylor

Thurs 5th August 2010-09-05 Down at Beacon Tarn paddling in the water, skimming, having so much fun then climbing up this Beacon Fell. What a view. What a lake.
Cameron age 10
Molly age 7

A glorious day! Hot, sunny and amazing views. It doesn’t get much better than this.
Mark & Connie Stringer

I’m Ella I’m 6
I went the wrong way on my walk and came here.

9th Aug 2010
Peter from Lake Bank, Mike and Nick from Essex. Wish you were here but not in great numbers! Cheers.

Mirsky’s – very windy up here, but lovely view. We left £1, in case someone needs to buy a cup of tea.
10th August 2010

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