Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Good morning! I am walking Eric Robson’s Other Wainwright’s route in stages and thought this was an easy leg. Am in the process of revision but thinking about some other parts of the walk it’s not bad – it’s the 66-year-old legs & lungs wot does it!
Brilliant idea , this box – is it an official geocache? I have several caching nuts among my friends.
Anyway, the sun is shining and my dog Rosie is ready for more.
All the best to all!
Daniel Littlewood

Sgt Mal and Pamela Fontello from Corpus Christi Texas USA. This was our first time together in the UK. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful world. God bless all.

28 July
Found Swallow Dale and Trout Tarn. Good view of Wild Cat Island.
Love Elllie age 6

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