Monday, 31 May 2010


Out bagging HuMPs (it’s a boy thing, don’t worry) – fifth today. Windy & sunny.
Martin R

Alex 6 & Reuben 4 – first fell and cairn – many more to come!
Heather David & Granny

We seemd to get the best of the day. Sunny with glorious views all around – my favourite spot!
Took dog biscuit – will replace with more on our return in 2 weeks! Love the idea of the box!!
Pam, Mark, Angus & Daisy

Hi Lynz, Paul, Carter, Alva and Toby the dog here. 16th May 2010-09-05
Great day for the walk. May need a coffin to take us back down, think those lucozade tablets will come in handy. View is lovely!!!
Have left some lovely crisps in box. So enjoy. Sorry have ate them! Left dry & salted peanuts instead. Xxx
PS We took the Toby dog for this lovely walk as he is getting his privates cut off on Thurday.

Tuesday 18th May 2010
Stephen and Pam Turner finished up to Beacon Fell for “The Best of the Rest” as part of the 2010 “Wainwight Challenge” where members of The Wainwright Society climb all the “Outlying Fells” this week.

Thursday 20th May 2010 1500 hrs
Walking today to raise money for “Fix the Fells” via the Wainwright Society.
My goal was Blawith Knott, which I completed earler. Weather was poor from 1000 hrs. It’s warm now but overcast. Dow Crag, Coniston Old Man and Wetherlam are in cloud.
Nige O’Blisco

Friday 21st May 2010-09-05 Beautiful sunny day – better weather (and view) than in southern California where I’m from. We left an healthy Alpen bar – no Mars bars left for us! Enjoy!!
Betty Lynne Jacques
Diane Brendan Dennis Brian Lucas

Friday 21 May 2010-09-05 Great idea to have this log book. Good walk up & weather brill. Wondered what the box was at first! ?Pandora’s box!! Had nothing to leave but managed to find a couple of tea bags (unused) – you only need the hot water!!
Beryl, Jean, Ian & Bill

Libby’s first walk up Beacon Fell and she’s only 3, fantastic walker! Weather sunny but windy! Tom’s 4th time up here. Still ove it here. Still havint swam in the tarn. I caught lots of tadpoles again.
Tom age 7
Kev Lal Dan & Ruby
Linds Paul Libby

At first we thought the box was full of treasure but we found this book instead. We had a lovely walk. I paddles in the tarn. Kept hearing a cuckoo.
Katie 10, Elizabeth 11, Anthony and Richard

What a fab surprise. Views absolutely gorgeous, can see 360o as far as the eye can see, warm air and sunshine, Lakes are stunning. Tempted to leave our sheeps skull in box to weird people out, but left bag of crisps instead (also enjoyed chewy sweet). Lots of other folk arriving now.

Just been up to the tarn to stop the oil leak, couldn’t find it and it didn’t seem too bad.

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