Wednesday, 12 May 2010


5/5/10 11.00am
Very mild and overcast. No-one about! Left 4 Mars bars.
Mike and Dexter

5/5/10 17.20pm
No change in the weather, so we thought we’d do an easy walk around Blawith Common! Beacon Fell came as a surprise, then we found the Mars bars. It just doesn’t get any better.
Love Debbie & Adrian
Wigston, Leicester

6/5/10 12.30pm
Who ate the Mars bars?
Dry with sunny spells and a bit of a breeze. Fantastic views.
Left some dog biscuits for poor worn out dogs.
Sandra, Bob, Rosie and Mollie

6/5/10 2pm
A bit scared to open the box! Wondered if it was someone’s ASHES. What a surprise. 2 Mars bars left – didn’t eat anything & my dog is at home so didn’t beed the dog biscs. What a fabulous place. Where in the world could be better? Sorry nothing to leave.
Marg & Angela

Hooray, the box is back! Bit wild and windy today.
Best wishes
Sean, Casper & Dongal
Made up Beacon Fell today for the first time. Really lovely place even in the wind.

Beautiful day. Still 2 Mars bars and we’re not in need of them. And we have nothing to leave but our note.
Val of Natterjacks & Rob

Have left some lucozade tablets in your good box, It’s not very windy today.
Simon, Jo-Jo & Mum

Snow on Coniston Old Man but wonderful clear view to coast. Fantastic walks.
Claire & Martyn

9/5/10 5pm
Very enjoyable day. Box is a lovely idea. Still 2 Mars bars. We left some miniature heroes but took the £10 note!! Enjoy.
The Grey family

10/5/10 3.20pm
Fantastic views as always. It may be grey, it may be a bit wet, but it is always glorious to be out on the fells. Long may book #12 stay in place.

Furness College Sports Group
Ben Clarke
Tyler Mills
Dec Culbert
Bradley Chapples
Bradley Hubbold
Tim Haberfield
Josh Hewson
Alex Roberts
Will Singleton

Sunny day, bit windy.
Ate all the Mars bars!!
Only got one bakewell tart left, sorry can’t leave that, only other spare item is a poo bag, anyone welcome to use xx
Lainie’s legs x

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