Friday, 30 May 2008


Friday 30/5/08
1st time back here for 9 years. Used to have great weekends at Water Yeat Guest House (Jill & Pierre).
Good to be back.
Peter & Louise King

Friday 30th May 2008
My name’s Hannah and I’m here with my familly and some friends. Where enjoying the vue and we’ve just been padaling and we pocked a few tadpoles. We had a picknick and we came for a day to the lake district and we’re having a BarbyQ for tea. I’m 9 bye the way and it’s real fun writing in this. Bye.
PS We had a sheep poo fight!

A poem by Alice and Emily
Big turd, little turd cardboard box
Rabbit, hare, racoon, fox!
Uphill, downhill, round and round,
Leaving foorprints on the ground.
We have got to the top
The view is dandy
Let’s go have a BBQ
On the sandy

Tean nits ticks leeches & newts
Our kids found all of the above in Beacon Tarn.
Left key ring
It was Hugh’s 2nd visit to this cache & today is his birthday.

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